Situated for over 40 years on the original site in Lugano, southern Switzerland, Trasfor has developed a worldwide reputation for the design and manufacture of custom-built dry-type transformers and inductors.

Electricity generation is the process of creating electricity from other forms of energy. Commercial electric utility power stations are usually constructed on a very large scale and designed for continuous operation.

Step-up transformers and step-down transformers

Electric power plants typically use three-phase or single-phase electrical generators to produce alternating current (AC) electric power at a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, depending on their location in the world.

Trasfor supplies a range of step-up transformers and step-down transformers for use in electric power plants and power grids. The generator’s high-voltage channels are connected to step-up transformers for connecting to a high-voltage electrical substation (of the order of 115kV to 520kV) for further transmission by the local power grid, where there are substations equipped with different step-down transformers to supply usable energy to low-voltage local users.

Trasfor designs and manufactures custom-built dry-type transformers and inductors.
We supply a range of step-up transformers and step-down transformers for use in electric power plants and power grids.
At our facility we constantly develop new dry-type transformers and inductors.

Excitation systems

An electric generator or electric motor that uses field coils rather than permanent magnets will require a current flow, excitation, to be present in the field coils for the device to be able to work. We offer a variety of excitation systems for this purpose.

If the field coils are not powered, the rotor in a generator can spin without producing any usable electrical energy, while the rotor of a motor may not spin at all. In power plants, excitation systems have a powerful impact on generator dynamic performance and availability.

Renewable energies are becoming more and more important all around the world and low losses and efficiency are outstanding key factors for the transformers and the reactors used in this domain.

Transformers, reactors and banks for power plants

Trasfor’s products for power plant applications also include:

  • Cast-resin, medium-voltage transformers and reactors up to 25MVA and 36kV with or without enclosure and protection degree from IP00 to IP66
  • Oil-immersed transformers up to 60MVA and 145kV, protection degree from IP54 up to IP66, and ONAN, ONAF, OFAF, OFWF or ODWF cooling configuration
  • Three-phase or three single-phase banks for excitation systems

Development of custom dry-type transformers and inductors

Development of new custom dry-type transformers and inductors is a crucial factor in the existence of a company like Trasfor, which is active in markets where customers have extreme needs. Innovation has been a key driver of our prosperity in past decades, and it will still be so in the decades ahead. Without it we would not be able to compete — and often to lead — in highly demanding markets such as power-generation plants and renewable energies.

Trasfor has a technical department consisting of more than 20 engineers who constantly receive challenges from existing and new customers demanding solutions to their needs. Innovation is also fuelled by the internal thrust to find smart solutions for improving manufacturing processes or to approach new applications for our products.

Global supplier of custom dry-type transformers and inductors

As an independent company the spirit of Trasfor is rooted deep in the heart and traditions of Switzerland: a spirit shared by the owners, employees and all parties associated with the company.

Our reputation for providing quality and guaranteeing reliability has led to many of the world’s more demanding industries becoming regular users of Trasfor products and transformed us into the global company that we are today.