WEIDMANN Announces a Supply Agreement for Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring Systems with FISO

WEIDMANN Electrical Technology, a division of the WICOR Group has entered into an agreement with FISO Technologies (FISO) whereby FISO will supply a fiber optic monitoring system designed specifically for WEIDMANN. The InsuLogix® T joins the ever growing InsuLogix® family of transformer monitoring solutions. WEIDMANN engineers worked closely with FISO to develop the system which uses cost effective and proven Gallium Arsenide technology.

WEIDMANN has been providing installation support and technical guidance to their clients for installing fiber optic temperature sensors in transformer windings dating back to the early 1980s.

FISO’s fiber optics sensors have been used in electrical transformers for over 20 years and are proven to be dependable and accurate for large power and EHV systems. "Partnering with WEIDMANN gives FISO a broader market reach" says Fred Borne, general manager of FISO. Daniel Patry, head of the Energy division at FISO added: "The strength of their brand and the technical expertise they bring in insulation and monitoring is a powerful combination."

The modular system that was developed over the last year can monitor up to 32 channels on multiple transformers. The module is available as an OEM product for incorporation into a transformer control panel or separate integrator box. It is also available in the newly released InsuLogix® Q integrator that also includes WEIDMANN’s newly developed eNamePlate™ software. eNamePlate™ accurately calculates insulation loss of life in real time using live temperature data from the fiber optic system. All systems will come with the WEIDMANN certified SmartSpacer® assembly for easy and safe installation.

"The new InsuLogix® T provided by our partner FISO gives WEIDMANN a very cost effective fiber optic based temperature system. In combination with our Q integrator and eNamePlate™ software, insulation loss of life can be calculated on-line in real time. eNamePlate™ can also act as a simulator allowing asset managers to model and predict various outcomes based on loading levels and temperature." says Jeff Goolgasian, VP of Sales and Marketing for WEIDMANN Electrical Technology. "FISO’s technology is well established and their products are of high quality. They were willing partners, technically strong and professional, and great to work with". WEIDMANN will market the new InsuLogix® T globally.

Founded in 1994, FISO Technologies Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of Fiber-Optic sensors and signal conditioners. These high-precision measuring instruments are used for challenging and demanding applications in the medical, process control, energy, and defense markets. FISO sells hundreds of thousands of sensors and thousands of signal conditioners annually and meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications.

WEIDMANN Electrical Technology is a leading global supplier of insulation systems, diagnostic products and services and logistics solutions for transformer manufacturers and owner / operators. For over 100 years, WEIDMANN’s technical expertise and engineering capability have been the basis for industry leading quality and innovation.