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Beckwith Electric

Smart Grid Volt / VAR Optimization and Conservation Voltage Reduction Solutions

6190-118th Avenue North,
United States of America

Beckwith Electric is the leading provider of innovative solutions for smart grid volt / VAr optimization (VVO) and conservation voltage reduction (CVR). These smart grid strategies provide huge energy savings and free up critical electric power system capacity.

Beckwith’s field-proven smart controls for transformers, regulators and capacitor banks incorporate the latest technologies in microprocessor architecture and communications. Features include real-time power quality metering capable of detecting damaging harmonics, sags, swells, faults, and sub-synchronous transients with massive nonvolatile memory for data recording.

Communications options include 128-bit encrypted Bluetooth for laptop connection in the field from the comfort of a fleet cab, and true ethernet capability, allowing multiple concurrent sessions using DNP, Modbus and IEC 61850 for remote access.

Smart grid protection and control units for transformers, regulators and capacitor banks

Founded in 1967, Beckwith Electric introduced the first solid-state tapchanger control in 1968, and was the first to develop the microprocessor protective relay in 1981.

Today, Beckwith Electric has thousands of protection and control units in service worldwide, with a reputation for cutting-edge technology, defined by its customers and refined by Beckwith.

This success starts with Beckwith Electric Employees and their commitment to quality in the products, all 100% designed and manufactured in Largo, Florida, US. Beckwith Electric is ISO 9001 certified and was recently awarded the 2012 Governor’s Sterling Award, Florida’s top honor for performance excellence.

Integrated Volt/VAr management solutions

Our 40 years’ experience with Integrated Volt/VAr management (IVVM) and thousands of protection and control units in service worldwide instills confidence in the solutions we provide. Beckwith Electric is your smart grid partner for implementing your integrated Volt/VAr management strategy.

There are theoretical and practical principal aspects related to IVVM strategies that are consistent with smart grid objectives for asset management and reliability in the distribution system. All the following may be part of an Integrated Volt/VAr management strategy:

  • LTC transformer control
  • Line regulator control along feeders
  • Pole -top capacitor bank control (remotely and locally controlled)
  • Feeder protection
  • Recloser control
  • Intertie protection with disbursed, alternative, or green energy sources
  • Transformer protection

IVVM system performance enhancements

Beckwith Electric is a leader in implementing the components of such a strategy. With Beckwith’s long-standing history of IVVM, we have implemented system performance enhancements, such as:

  • Autodaptive® techniques
  • VAr Biasing
  • Line drop compensation (LDC)
  • Flattening the voltage profile end-to-end
  • Conservation voltage control
  • Paralleling of single bus, double bus and ring bus configurations

SCADA heartbeat integrity checks and automatic change-over algorithms

Beckwith Electric has developed SCADA heartbeat integrity checks and automatic change-over algorithms on loss of communications to enhance system reliability.

Beckwith Electric uses advances in cutting-edge technology in communications, ports, protocols and media and the use of ethernet over fiber optics, IEC 61850, mesh networks, reporting by exception and unsolicited reporting, broadcasting capabilities for voltage collapse mitigation, distribution VAr support to transmission side for voltage collapse mitigation, and much more.

We invite you to visit our website and learn more about the additional protection and control products shown below, as well as our many other innovative solutions:

  • Generator protection relays
  • Transformer protection relays
  • Intertie protection relays
  • Feeder protection relays
  • Digital recloser controls
  • LTC transformer and paralleling controls
  • Regulator controls
  • Capacitor bank controls
  • Digital high-speed motor bus transfer systems
  • Synchronizing systems