Auguste Frost-Resistant -50°C – SF6 Insulated Overhead Load-break Switch

Novexia’s Auguste switchgear belongs to Ensto’s network automation offering. It is an overhead load break disconnecting switch designed to allow a load interruption up to 630 A for a medium-voltage (up to 36 kV) electrical overhead line. This switchgear is suitable for all types of overhead distribution networks in rural and suburban areas, especially for those requiring frequent operations in severe weather conditions.

Auguste switchgear can be installed on a live line without interrupting the operation. The products are easily installed below the line, on a side of the pole. They are extremely reliable with high-level safety characteristics allowing them to be used in full confidence. Auguste switchgear design is based on extensive experience gained in co-operation with public and private operators of overhead distribution electrical networks. Thus, it meets all their requirements:

  • Assured quality service
  • Easy installation even on live lines
  • Safe use
  • Decreased sources of output loss
  • Improved network cost-effectiveness.

Auguste switchgear exists in manual or electrical control version and is evolutionary. The switches are compatible with subsequent telecontrol selected.

High reliability:

  • Breaking in SF6 at very low pressure (0.3 bar relative)
  • Stainless steel tank sealed for life
  • Internal arc proof
  • Exceptional dielectric strength
  • Ability to place a voltage transformer inside the tank in order to power the control box, enabling the load-break switch to be self-powered
  • Mechanism requires neither maintenance nor lubrication
  • Polymer bushings with aluminum connections lugs or pluggable sockets with leak-proof protection
  • Galvanized steel support fittings and aluminum rod assembly.

Maximum safety:

  • Usable as point of isolation or retro feeding point (normally opened switchgear)
  • Safe position indicator of the switchgear
  • Visual confirmation of voltage presence
  • Padlocking of the switchgear in different positions
  • Gas vent valve on upper part if an internal fault occurs
  • No projection of dangerous elements or fire-causing materials.

Easy installation:

  • Below the line on all types of poles
  • By the reduced weight of sub-assemblies, especially the tank, and the overall compact design
  • No need for cross-arm support.

Functional design:

  • Meet the adaptation and automation requirements of electrical networks
  • Easily inserted in remote SCADA controlled networks
  • Elongated shape makes it blend in perfectly with its surroundings, thus avoiding any negative visual impacts.

Ergonomically operated:

  • Easy identification of the tank source side and the various connection cables between the load-break switch and the control box
  • Clear indication of the direction of manual operations on the control unit.


  • Designed for a thirty-year operating life without any maintenance in accordance with IEC 60298
  • Helps in reduction of outage time
  • Low purchasing, operating and maintenance costs.

Frost-resistant Auguste for the most severe conditions

Operational on all continents and subject to the most severe environmental and climatic conditions Auguste switches are valued by operators for their operational simplicity and high reliability. The products endure saline humidity, rising sand, ice, snow, high altitude as well as industrial pollution and can be installed in areas with high-density bird populations.

As part of a specific customer application, a new version of Auguste has been developed to operate at a minimum temperature of -50 °C ("Auguste frost-resistant"). Mechano-climatic tests have been performed in a French Laboratory.

Auguste frost-resistant versions have already been delivered to customers in Russia and will be installed on an electrical network with a nominal voltage of 11 kV. Hence the true capacity of the product is already being demonstrated in real conditions.

The frost-resistant version was adapted from the classic version:

  • Upgraded seal
  • Heating of the breaking chamber by the transformer joule effect
  • Heating of the operating mechanism chamber by a thermostatically controlled electric resistance
  • Upgrading contacts insulation to prevent the effect of low temperature on the SF6 di-electrical characteristics
  • Brass cable glands
  • Upgrading the protection index by use of a IP65 stainless steel cover
  • Thermal insulation of the operating mechanism chamber.

For any other rated voltage needed (from 11 kV up to 36 kV) are developed on demand. Please contact Ensto Novexia support service team.

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