Ensto Pro Training Equals Quality Customer Service

In addition to high-quality accessories, Ensto is known for technical training to its customers. Due to long international experience and local presence, the extensive training is offered in a variety of languages. Ensto Pro is the countrywide training concept that is targeted to customers, partners and own personnel.

Quality products and service = complete package

Ensto develops and manufactures accessories for the construction of reliable electricity distribution networks, for both overhead lines and underground cables. Moreover, our assortment comprises devices that improve the quality of electricity and enable fast recovery in the event of a fault. All solutions focus on safety and sustainability in the distribution of electricity.

Uninterrupted service and lower maintenance costs are a built-in advantage of the complete, tailor-made product packages. However, in addition to the reliable accessories, we offer our customers high-quality Ensto Pro training. Thus, we enable them to have a one-stop purchase experience. Ensto Pro contains a wide variety of technical training sessions, both practical and theoretical – from real product installations to theory lectures on electricity network design.

Ensto Pro for customers, partners and own personnel

Without professional Ensto personnel as trainers, quality customer trainings cannot take place. Thus, we make sure that our personnel keep their professionalism at a high level by regular internal training sessions. We invite professional guest speakers to give lectures that widen our knowledge about industry-related issues and future trends. This way we can help our customers with a broader range of issues.

Customised trainings

For our customers and partners, we arrange very diverse training events – always according to what is asked and needed. Quite often we arrange, or are involved in, a combined session with professionals from different institutions, such as cable manufacturers or objective energy market authorities. By offering all necessary information in one session, we can again save our customers’ time and energy.

Training sessions vary according to topic and participants. Our professional trainers see to it that the audience is heard and design their session based on this. Most often, we train in local language as we want to be locally present and close to the customers. Our goal is to share common aims and to solve challenges through open discussion and cooperation. This results in mutual success and is the basis for a true partnership.

Learning from each other

Ensto Pro can also be seen as a continuous chain where knowledge and enthusiasm flow from Ensto people to customers and vice versa. This flow is something we cherish because we find it vital to receive direct customer feedback. The feedback is taken directly also to product development so that they have a clear direction for next projects.

In addition to getting face-to-face input on the field, our customers’ opinions are also asked regularly by surveys. In May 2012, Ensto conducted a Training survey for its Ensto Pro trained customers. As the response rate was good and we covered nearly dozen countries, we got good and usable feedback for future trainings.

Face-to-face training and dialogue in Sweden

ONE Nordic, one of the Nordic region’s leading contractors in the fields of energy technology, offered its installers an extensive training session in spring 2012. The installers received thorough theoretical and practical training about underground cables and their accessories. Ensto was proud to be involved in the unique event with its Ensto Pro training programme.

In the Sweden trainings Ensto Pro trainers worked side by side with installers from ONE Nordic. This type of training has enormous benefits for both parties because a lot of vital listening and learning goes on.

For ONE training, face-to-face means a collegial experience where a wide variety of parties come together, including the cable manufacturer Nexans, accessory makers like Ensto, as well as Svensk Energi, a member organisation dedicated to gathering information about the power industry in Sweden.

For Ensto, taking part in such activities has been business as usual since the early days of the company’s founding and thousands of customers are trained each year. Ensto Pro is a service which is offered to all our customers to save their resources – well-handled training shortens installation time and minimises installation errors.

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