Ensto SLIW 50 Connector Family

As one of the leading companies in insulation piercing technology, we have launched the SLIW 50 family, a new generation of connectors for low voltage overhead line distribution networks. The family is the first watertight, low voltage connector series, designed and tested according to the new EN50483 standard.

Compact design, superb quality

When developing the new SLIW 50 connectors, special attention was given to superb usability, easy installation and excellent materials. The connectors are flexible and widely usable, also in demanding circumstances. The connectors are very robust thanks to the two component injection molding technology. The compact products require less material, are waterproof (test voltage 6 kV/50 Hz/1 min in water) and reduce the number of electricity breakouts.

Developed together with the customers

The product development work was done in cooperation with our customers. As a result, the SLIW 50 connectors are a good example of the new Ensto design that combines modern appearance with high quality. This is made possible by top-quality and carefully chosen materials. Moreover, the connectors exceed the requirements of the most demanding national and international standards.

Some of the new technology on the Ensto SLIW 50 includes:

  • Two component injection molding technology, which enables a highly-durable product
  • Compact product, which uses less materials
  • All materials are corrosion resistant
  • Watertight connector family, which has been designed and tested according to EN50483 standards

The Ensto SLIW 50 is also an extremely versatile product due to a wide usage area and due to the fact that it uses modern, watertight connectors without grease.

Investment into the future

The corrosion-proof SLIW 50 connectors are designed to last for decades, even in the most demanding circumstances. High Ensto quality ensures the reliability of electricity networks and decreases maintenance and service costs. The compact construction and modern design mean a longer lifetime and also help to save time during the installation. Our experienced service and comprehensive internet pages ensure easy information flow to our customers.

Latest member of the family: SLIW58
The latest addition to the family, SLIW58 is for use with insulated aluminum or copper conductors. Fully-insulated bolts provide safe live line working. Both main and branch conductor insulations are pierced by a single bolt action. The connector’s design enables live line installation, without peeling insulation from conductor.

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