A New Product Ensures Higher Quality Electricity

In many countries, insufficient investments have been made in electricity networks. The consequences are now visible: increased electricity consumption stretches the old networks to their limits, which leads to lower voltages and poor quality of electricity. Ensto’s Voltage Booster offers a solution for these problems.

Electricity networks were originally dimensioned for lower electricity consumption. The number of customers within the low-voltage network has increased, and the number of electrical devices in homes has grown simultaneously. ‘The aging distribution network has not been able to keep up with increasing electricity consumption. This is the reason there is not high enough voltage for everyone and some customers have dimmer lights than others,’ says Tommi Kasteenpohja, director of product development and management at Ensto Utility Networks.

The problem is a particular concern for people living in sparsely populated areas. The electricity delivered to customers near the end of a distribution line is not as high in quality as received by other customers. This problem could be avoided by increasing the supply voltage, but that might cause problems for other customers along the line.

A solution for voltage drops

Ensto’s Voltage Booster solves the problem where it arises, at the end of the line: The booster can be installed nearby the customer who needs higher voltage. The device ensures that electricity quality is equal for all; including the last customer on the line, and that the electrical devices work as they should.

The voltage booster provides a quick and easy solution for improving the quality of electricity. Planning the installation takes only half a day, and the installation itself requires only another half day. The installation can be made permanent, but the voltage booster can be used also as a temporary solution, until the network is reinforced in some other way.

A reliable device attracting interest

Ensto conducts constant product development in order to find the best possible solutions for the current challenges of electricity networks. The main issues to be considered are the functionality and quality of the product. The voltage booster has been tested by means of Ensto’s own tests, and official testing laboratories are now performing tests as well. Since the product was first introduced to customers, a couple of years ago, interest in Ensto and the voltage booster has been notable in many countries. Kasteenpohja said: "Now this product has been tested thoroughly, and the time has come to launch it for the end users."

Significant changes coming in electricity production and consumption

Ensto wants to be a significant provider of solutions that improve electricity quality in the future. The company invests especially in high-quality products that enable building reliable electricity distribution networks. "At the moment, we are developing a next-generation voltage regulator that proves our readiness to show the way in the development in the future as well," said Kasteenpohja.

Changes in electricity production are inevitable, as renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, will gain a stronger position. The Smart Grid should ensure that everything runs smoothly regardless of rapid fluctuations in production and consumption.

Ensto Voltage Booster is a remarkable step in building the Smart Grid, since the product enables provision of high-quality electricity for all customers in the distribution network, regardless of consumption.

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