Ensto Underground Cold Shrink

Ensto Underground Solutions have been extended to cover cold shrink products. Now we offer both heat and cold shrink joints and terminations as well as hybrid joints.

Our cold shrink accessories can be used in demanding environments and they endure large temperature shifts. The accessories are made of highly durable silicon rubber which ensures their reliability and durability. The products are easy to install and after the installation, the need of maintenance is in minimum.


  • Spiral technology makes the products easy to install
  • Mistakes are made nearly impossible
  • Assembly is uniform and superb every time

No fire needed

  • Fewer tools
  • Less effort

Compact solution

  • Integrated structure and less components
  • Kits include all needed components

Solid foundation

  • We help you to build a solid and secure foundation for your electricity network

Wide usage area

Ensto cold shrink elements are pre-expanded on a spiral in production. This makes the installation work light and easy and you can rely on getting a superb assembly every time. Moreover, the structure enables a wide usage area: with only a few products, area as wide as 10-1000mm2 / 24 and 42 kV can be covered.

Reliable products, uniform installation quality

All the vital parts of our cold shrink products are integrated. For instance in termination, the geometric stress control, anti-tracking tube and rain sheds are all integrated into one piece.

Because of the compact structure, the quality of the installation is always uniform which minimizes the possibility of mistakes. Also, no special tools are needed in installation and the products are ready to be used immediately after the installation.

In-house manufacturing and tested quality

Our modern molding machines, multi-base cavity tool and liquid silicon material enable an effective production. The quality of each product is ensured in careful quality checks.

We perform continuous testing with follow-up in production. This includes, for example, material analysis, voltage tests and partial discharge measurements. Our cold shrink products are tested according to standard HD 629.1.

Durable silicon material

Ensto cold shrink accessories are made of high-quality silicon rubber. Silicon was chosen as the materials as it endures demanding weather conditions: rain, snow, cold and UV rays as well as dust, pollution and chemicals. The joints and terminations remain stable because the silicon retains its natural flexibility and constant pressure against the cable in various temperatures.

Ensto Pro – training for professionals

In addition to our high-quality products, we offer our customers thorough training. Ensto Pro training program contains, for example, information on the construction of an underground cable network and the effective utilization of Ensto’s innovative solutions. The training includes both theory based information and practical installation work. Moreover, we train our customers with clear and animated usage instructions.

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