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GES Electronic & Service

High-Voltage Connectors Specialist

GES Electronic & Service is a German manufacturer specialised in high-voltage connectors and interconnection technologies.

Zeppelinstrasse 4 / 3,
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GES Electronic & Service is a German manufacturer specialised in high-voltage connectors and interconnection technologies. The company designs and merchandises circular high-voltage connectors in diverse configurations for performances from 10kV DC – 160kV DC as well as modules for hybrid high-voltage connectors combinable with pneumatic-, power-, signal- and data-transmission for more complex applications. GES has been a reliable partner and OEM-supplier to customers throughout Europe, the US and worldwide for more than 20 years.

The GES product range contains single-pin, multi-pin, variable and modular high-voltage connectors.

Single-pin high-voltage connectors up to 40kV DC

The single-pin high-voltage connectors of Series-S are designed for operating voltages up to 40kV DC. Series-S connectors are price-effective, robust and easy to handle. Some types contain mounting plates in order to facilitate installation and structuring. Furthermore the connection of coax cables is possible.

Single-pin high-voltage connectors up to 100kV DC

Series-100 is designed for operating voltages up to 100kV DC and is available in 25A or 50A versions. Series-100 connectors feature high-performance polymers for insulation and high-quality contact pins for up to 100,000 mating cycles.

Single-pin high-voltage connectors up to 160kV DC

Connectors of Series-200 can be used with large cables (diameters of dielectric of up to 22mm). Customised versions can be provided at small quantities already; insulation parts can be designed to your needs and specifications.

Multi-pin high-voltage connectors up to 15kV DC

The multi-pin high-voltage connectors of Series-M are anchored in a firm screw-housing, designed for operating voltages up to 15kV DC / 30A and can be equipped with up to nine HV contacts. Both cable and panel mount side can be configured with male or female contacts. Additional pins for low voltage and grounding offer a wide range of configurations. A safety interlock circle is possible by putting some pins in lead.

Multi-pin high-voltage connectors up to 10kV DC

Series-MC represents our latest generation of multi-pin high-voltage connectors. Substantially reduced in size these HV-connectors withstand operating voltages up to 10kV DC / 13A. They can be equipped with up to five contacts. Contacts can be crimped or soldered and are suitable for diverse cable diameters.

Variable high-voltage connectors up 12kV DC

Series-VarioPro is a family of price-effective connectors for flexible applications. VarioPro connectors are for use with unshielded cables and contain various connector types for inline cable-to-cable connections as well as for back planes of slide-in units. The latest types offer clip locking and panel mounting and are therefore extremely variable in use.

Hybrid high-voltage connectors (modular industrial connectors)

Up to 14 high-voltage pins at an operating voltage of 8,500V DC – the hybrid interconnection system provides high flexibility in limited space, less wiring and is easy to service and maintain. The modular design allows almost any combination of high-voltage-, power-, pneumatic-, signal- and data-transmission in one single application-customised and IP65-protected hybrid connector. It is available in different sizes and shapes.

The combinability of our wide variety of insertion modules provides our customers with previously unknown flexibility for advanced and complex application tasks in the field of high-voltage engineering.

Applications for high-voltage connectors

GES high-voltage connectors are suitable for a wide range of applications. These include: high-voltage power supplies, high-voltage test equipment, hipot testers, electrostatic filters, UV curing systems, high-voltage ignited lamps, mass spectrometers, electron beams, measurement equipment for cable diagnosis, plasma process technology, industrial X-ray technology, ultrasonic welding systems, flasher systems, measurement for the solar industry, and laser applications.

GES Electronic & Service GmbH

Zeppelinstrasse 4 / 3

85399 Hallbergmoos