VLF/Surge Generator Combination From HVI

High Voltage Inc. Introduces Combination VLF AC Hipot/Cable Fault Locator

The recent IEEE Standard 400.2 Guide for Field Testing of Shielded Power Cable systems will require industrials, contractors and power companies to use VLF AC hipots instead of the old DC method of proof testing power cables. A wealth of scientific research worldwide has proven that DC testing over time is damaging to solid dielectric cable and promotes cable insulation degradation. VLF AC Testing at .1 Hz is ideal for proof testing cable feeders, substation getaway runs, aerial insulated cable and URD cable runs. The VLF AC hipot test technique has also been found to be very effective for verifying workmanship of new splices and termination joints especially when done under emergency weather conditions trying to restore power to customer. VLF Technology is rapidly being adopted by the industry and is a good method to find weak cables before they fail. The VT30 VLF/Surge Generator offers users the ability to meet the new IEEE VLF testing method and can also be used to find faulted cables in a compact, portable one piece design configuration.

The new model VT30 provides 0 to 30 kV AC peak Sinewave output at .1 Hz. It can hipot and proof test shielded power cables up to 1.0 microfarad load rating or approximately 1.5 – 2.0 miles of typical 15 kV class cable per the new IEEE Standard 400.2 for VLF testing of underground shielded power cables. It also contains a Fault Finding Capacitor Discharge mode of 0 to 12 kV at 650 joules with a strong Burner rated at 400 mA to reduce arc over voltage. An internal arc reflection filter is built in so the unit is TDR/Radar ready. Use any TDR. The HVI sinewave VLF can also be used as a voltage source for Tan Delta nd Partial Discharge diagnostic testing.

The VT30 is the best tool for complete cable care for cables rated up to 15kV. VLF hipot – VLF Burn – Fault Locate – TDR/radar

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