Induron coatings

Induron Protective Coatings formulates and manufactures high-performance coatings for the electric power industry. The company specializes in maintenance coatings for the high-voltage electrical transmission tower and pole structures, as well as substation structures and equipment, both above and below-grade.

Low-cost coatings to protect against rust, weather and abrasions

Because traditional methods of abrasive blasting and spray application are logistically very difficult and costly, Induron has developed an extremely low-cost method of providing minimal surface preparation. You simply apply one or two coats of specially designed coatings that tolerate old coatings, weathered galvanized and carbon steel, and rust.

These coatings provide maximum wetting and penetration of the substrate, as well as:

Rusty, previously painted carbon steel pole with E-Bond 100 ™: 100% SBV Epoxy penetrating sealer.
A pole that has been fully treated by Induron Coatings.
A dug-out transmission tower footing before repair and coating.
A tower footing after application of Induron MCU62 and Induratar™.
A demonstration of both E-Bond 100™ penetrating sealer and #9200 Induraguard™.
  • High film build
  • Excellent barrier protection against severe weather: including wind, rain, salt-fog, acid rain, ultra-violet rays, as well as other industrial and marine exposures

In fact, if weathered galvanized above-grade material is coated within the ideal window of opportunity, it can often be protected for 20-25 years with one coat of very low volatile organic compounds (VOC) sustainable barrier coating, #9200 Induraguard™.

Protecting transmission and distribution systems against corrosion

Induron will also help you survey your transmission and distribution (T&D) system. We provide a maintenance programme to rank and prioritize all of your structures and equipment. We also help scrutinize the severity of the environment where your T&D assets are exposed.

Induron uses specifications and standards developed by international organizations such as ISO, NACE, IEEE, SSPC, and ASTM. Our quality process provides a superior method of grading, ranking, prioritizing, and maintaining a T&D system protected against corrosion. Our process also provides the lowest possible cost per square foot per year of coatings protection.

Flow-coating and tower footing repair

At Induron, we recommend only the very best applicators to provide this physically difficult and dangerous task. We suggest that you require levels of certification in electrical safely, climbing, and competence when awarding these coatings projects. Specialized sub-categories of these coating services include flow-coating, tower footing repair and coating, paint mitt and brush application.

Induron coatings are manufactured in conformance with the latest standards prepared by the joint committees of NACE/IEEE (covering both above and below-grade substrates.) These coatings include:

  • Modified linseed oil coatings
  • Alkyds
  • Silicone alkyds (also for aviation orange and whites)
  • Epoxy penetrating sealers
  • Moisture-cured urethane sealers
  • Moisture-cured coal-tar coatings
  • Aluminum epoxy mastics
  • Acrylics

Maintenance coatings and linings for power plants

Induron manufactures a full line of maintenance coatings and linings for power plants, especially for cost-effective coatings of structural steel, equipment, concrete floors, and tanks.