Power Asset Recovery Corporation’s (PARC) mission is simple: to provide you with power transformers, step-down transformers, transmission autotransformers, generator step-up transformers, distribution transformers, power transformer parts, and transformer field service at the absolutely lowest prices possible.

Surplus and custom transformers, spares, decommissioning and redesigning

Our products include:

  • Used, rebuilt and new surplus transformers up to 950,000kVA
  • New custom-manufactured transformers up to 200,000kVA
  • New and used transformer spare parts and substation components
  • Decommissioning and scrapping services for distribution and power transformers
  • Field service and oil reclamation for power transformers
  • Redesign and rewinding of power transformers up through 230kV

Power transformer bushings, pumps, LTC switches, fans and gauges

Thanks to our valued customers, we’ve grown over the years to become – and aim to remain – one of the largest companies in the world for used / rebuilt power transformers and power transformer parts, bushings up to 500kV, pumps, LTC switches, fans, and gauges.

With the addition of expanded product lines and services, one phone call to PARC is all that’s required to solve your power transformer needs.

PARC provides transformers, autotransformers, transformer parts and transformer field service at the lowest prices.
Our products include surplus and custom transformers, spares, decommissioning, service and oil reclamation, redesigning and rewinding.
We are one of the largest companies in the world for power transformer bushings, pumps, LTC switches, fans and gauges.

Turnkey power transformer services

We are small enough to be attentive to your needs but large enough to handle any power transformer project from start to finish, no matter the size, location or complexity of the project. Whatever your needs, contact one of our experienced staff. We’re ready to help with your next power transformer project.

Rebuilt, reconditioned or as-is power transformers

We can offer transformers that are completely remanufactured or reconditioned and tested in accordance with applicable ANSI/NEMA standards, complete with a warranty. We can also offer our transformer equipment on an as-is basis, subject to inspection and field tests (which you can have performed by an independent testing company).

Purchasing of power transformers or equipment

When you have power transformers or equipment to sell, we will give you a fair and honest evaluation as to your equipment’s condition and marketability. If you want to sell it outright, we will make an offer on an ‘as-is, where is’ basis. If you want to optimize your return on your investment, we’ll enter into a consignment agreement or add it to our list of available equipment.