PJ Electronics, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of exclusive high voltage, high frequency surge testers that have outputs up to 60,000 volts. We proudly introduce the first and only 60KV high frequency surge tester in the world.

Since 1969, the PJ Electronics high frequency surge tester has been the only tester of its kind, and it still is today. For over 40 years we have dedicated our engineering and research and development to producing a high frequency surge tester that is unparalleled for testing the integrity of insulation in all motors, generators, transformers, and all types of windings.

Whether your application for a surge tester relates to manufacturing, re-building, quality control, preventive or predictive maintenance, or laboratory R&D, a PJ high frequency surge tester will improve your product reliability by uncovering weak / defective coils, connection errors, wrong turn count in a coil winding, phase unbalances, opens, grounds, shorts, ground faults, etc.

Digital high frequency surge testers – key facts

  • We are the only manufacturer that employs high frequency technology
  • PJ Electronics is the only manufacturer with an entire line of surge testers that exhibit a voltage rise time that meets the IEEE standard 522-1992, IEC 34-15 i.e., 0.1µs
  • All PJ surge testers have a pulse rate of 50/60 pulses per second (pulse rate predicated on the line frequency)
  • All PJ surge testers come equipped with a standard feature to test grounded or ungrounded fully assembled motors without rotating the rotor
  • The PJ surge tester is used in 52 countries worldwide
  • PJ Electronics is the only manufacturer that can accurately generate voltage to any type of load and give 100% accuracy in the verification of our voltage
  • Easily operated by non-technical personnel
  • All PJ surge testers are capable of testing low impedance DC armatures and DC generators – a special tester is not needed
  • PJ Electronics is the only manufacturer that makes surge testers; others make impulse testers, and the basic technology of an impulse tester has been copied throughout the world, but our unique high frequency technology has not

65 models available

PJ Electronics offers a wide selection of models from which to choose. You may custom order a tester to meet your specific needs. We manufacture 12 lines (65 models) of bench, portable and console model digital high frequency surge testers, surge/DC hi-pot testers, and combination testers that have surge, hi-pot and three-phase testing all in one.

Sample low-impedance resonant current waveform: a surge tester is a comparison tester; if the current waveforms of the coils under test are good, only one trace will be present.
Armature test yoke assembly: 21in diameter fiberglass yoke (capable of testing 35in commutators by re-positioning yoke), three-spring loaded brass contact fingers and angle iron frame stand.
Sample resonant voltage waveform from multi-phase motors / high impedance coils; if the voltage waveforms of the coils under test are good, only one trace will be present as shown.
Model MC30 tester: console model high frequency surge tester with built-in DC hi-pot tester and a three-phase transfer switch for testing multi-phase motors up to 30,000V.
Model M15 tester: one of four portable model surge / DC hi-pot testers with a three-phase transfer switch for testing all winding insulation up to 15,000V.

Our testers are available in output voltages from 6KV up to 60KV with input operating line voltages of either 120VAC or 220VAC-240VAC operation, 50Hz/60Hz. Visit our website for details.

All PJ surge tester models:

  • Are supplied with a complete set of instruction / service manuals
  • Come with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST
  • Meet IEEE’s standard 522-1992 voltage rise time specification of 0.1µs
  • Are supplied with a Tektronix / Rigol digital oscilloscope (with three-year minimum warranty) with communications software and USB flash drive
  • Have a ground detector indicator to assure operator safety (120V only)
  • Include a foot switch safety interlock
  • Have dual waveform presentation: resonant current waveforms for low impedance windings and resonant voltage waveforms for high impedance windings
  • Are equipped with a digital-voltage output panel meter
  • Are warranted against defective materials and workmanship for one year with lifetime technical support

Ergonomically designed surge testers

All PJ surge testers are ergonomically designed for operator efficiency, and modularized for simplified maintenance.

PJ surge testers are designed with the safety of the operator in mind.

All testers are equipped with standard operator safety features, examples of which are safety light interlocks, double pole ‘on-off’ switch, tester ground safety indicator and hi-pot grounding rod.