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Electrical Engineering Services, Power Plant Protection, Earthing and Studies

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Power Plant Electrical Technologies (PPE Technologies) provides integrated electrical engineering services to the power industry, from grass routes designs, modelling and studies, through to implementing solutions with projects.

Integrated electrical engineering services

PPE Technologies’ services include medium-voltage electrical equipment and infrastructure; the control and protection of turbine-driven machines and electrical power distribution and protection systems; the control of process automation and other utility plant equipment, including boiler and recovery furnace protection and interlocking systems; compressor control and protection; and water and sewerage plant control and instrumentation.

We provide load measurement and profiling, load flow studies, electrical network studies and modelling, and electrical protection system design, commissioning and maintenance. We also provide lightning protection solutions, earthing system solutions and assessments of existing installations.

Our installation services division provides electrical project solutions to a range of industries as well as the installation of high-voltage and low-voltage electrical systems, instrumentation systems and control systems.

PPE offers integrated electrical engineering services to the power industry. <br><br><br><br><br>
PPE Technologies provides earthing and lightning protection services.<br><br><br><br><br>
PPE Technologies can provide the design, installation and commissioning of high, medium and low-voltage electrical reticulation systems.<br><br><br><br><br>
Our installation services division provides electrical project solutions to a range of industries.<br><br><br><br><br>
PPE Technologies has in-house experience and expertise with the design, programme development and installation of a wide range of PLC systems.

Electrical reticulation services

With in-house expertise, PPE Technologies can provide the design, installation and commissioning of high, medium and low-voltage electrical reticulation systems, switchboards and protection schemes.

Electrical fault level determination, load flow studies and modelling

PPE Technologies provides a range of studies in electrical fault level determination, protection relay setting calculation and grading, and ring reticulation design and operation.

PPE is equipped with in-house computer software for system modelling and analysis and equipment for measurement, testing or faulty location as and when required.

The company’s engineers have designed and installed many medium-voltage reticulation systems in several industries with integrated system models, load flow studies and protection grading design in meshed network installations rated in excess of 100MW.

PPE’s service includes co-generation facilities and the assessment of power flows and fault contributions for islanded plant, utility supply and co-generation (parallel operation) configurations.

Power station earthing and lightning protection

PPE Technologies has developed specialised skills in earthing system studies, design, rectification and installation in power stations. A formal risk assessment to SABS standards can be completed, along with the design of a new earthing system or investigation of existing systems to identify and rectify deficiencies.

PPE’s scope of service includes computer systems and network protection, industrial plant electrical, structural instrumentation and control system earthing. The company’s portfolio includes successfully implemented earthing and lightning protection systems to many domestic applications, computer network systems, paper factories, pulp mills and sawmills, and is involved with surveys and corrective action in Eskom Power Stations.

Power plant equipment energy efficiency services

Being a registered Energy Services Company (ESCO) and on the Eskom demand side management (DSM) database, PEE offers energy efficiency assessments and solutions, and supports customers with obtaining Eskom DSM funding for their energy efficiency projects.

The service includes increasing the electrical energy efficiency of plants and equipment, shifting production demand outside of the Eskom peak demand period and assisting customers with reducing electrical power costs.

Plant management system control and automation

PPE Technologies has in-house experience and expertise with the design, programme development and installation of a wide range of PLC systems from small, standalone PLCs to large, distributed I/O-based plant management systems.

PPE’s capabilities include PLC system infrastructure, system development and programming, inter-processor communication systems, specialised plant interlocking, and SCADA system development and commissioning.

Steam turbine generators for power plants

PPE Technologies has expertise in condensing and back-pressure steam turbine control, protection and interlocking systems. This includes detailed knowledge of synchronising circuits, electrical protection systems and automatic voltage control systems, as well as automatic power and reactive power control systems used to optimise power generation and reactive power consumption / generation.

Power plant electrical technology supplier

It is PPE Technologies’ philosophy to deal only with premium products provided by reputable organisations, with ISO accreditation and responsible manufacturing philosophies. We are proud to be associated as a channel partner or distributor for the following product brands:

  • ABB – we are a registered ABB systems integrator for Mpumalanga and Swaziland areas
  • Clearline – we supply and support voltage surge protection products to the Mpumalanga region
  • Rittal – we offer cabinets, boxes and electronic system cooling solutions
  • Numatics South Africa – we are the registered Numatics agent for Mpumalanga and Swaziland areas
  • Pinnacle Micro – industrial control systems and industrial networks
  • Strike Technologies
  • CTLab – power quality metering products and NRS 048 quality of supply recording
  • Suretech Instruments – generator shaft grounding and monitoring systems
  • Eskom – DS management partner

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