SOP-Metal Oy is a subcontracting company, focusing on raw materials, busbars, insulators, welding and assembly services for a variety of industries.

The company specialises in components for electrical equipment manufacturers, the petrochemical industry, the steel industry and wholesale businesses, and manufactures products for domestic customers and export.

Flexible busbars and insulators

SOP-Metal Oy works with copper, aluminium and steel alloys, and has years of experience in the boring, bending, welding, soldering, water jet cutting and fabrication of insulation materials, including the manufacture and assembly of flexible copper busbars.

The company’s products are most commonly machined from flat bars, round bars and slabs, while flexible busbars are made of tin-plated copper strips.

SOP-Metal Oy manufactures flexible, high-precision busbars.
SOP-Metal Oy has modern production facilities in the Vaasa Airport, Finland.
The company works with copper, aluminium and steel alloys.
SOP-Metal Oy’s staff are high-skilled and experienced.
In 2012, the company started operations in Estonia.
The company’s street cabinet for underground cables is sturdy and durable.
The majority of SOP-Metal Oy’s products are machined from flat bars, round bars and slabs.
Busbars are made from copper, aluminum sheet or profiles on automated piercing and bending lines.

High-precision busbars

SOP manufactures high-quality, high-precision busbars, made from copper, aluminum sheet or profiles on automated piercing and bending lines.

The company designs and manufactures the busbars specifically for their intended use and even the smallest customer specifications are taken into account.

SOP specialises in flexible busbars. These are made of copper, using conventional methods and in a robotic work cell.

A flexible busbar can replace a rigid solution where the latter is unsuitable. One such case is vibrating machinery. They are also easier to install in cramped spaces.

SOP’s busbar manufacturing capacity is highly scalable.

Electrical insulation materials

SOP-Metal Oy also designs electrically conductive products that stop the conduction of electricity.

The company has a wide range of insulation and sealing materials, such as fibreglass, rubber, plastic and ready-made insulators.

SOP has years of experience and manufactures its products to strict material specifications such as the operating temperature range.

Ready-made busbars and insulators

SOP provides a complete assembly of ready-made components such as busbars and insulators, and delivers products to customer-specific locations.

Products are also been supplied with surface treatments such as hot-dip galvanised, electroplated, painted, tin-plated or silver-plated, as well as complete with insulation and coupling accessories.

High-quality welding services

The company’s welding service is based on the EN ISO:3834 quality standard. SOP Metal Oy’s factory production controls fulfil all the standard EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011 requirements. Welders are qualified and experienced professionals.

The company’s welding services include:

  • Copper welding
  • Aluminum welding
  • Steel welding
  • Brazing

SOP-Metal Oy also specialises in copper welding. The company’s employees are highly skilled and design and manufacture highly complex busbar systems.

The company’s street cabinet for underground cables, designed in close cooperation with customers, meets even the strictest requirements. The cabinet is very durable and will retain its appearance for years. Thanks to the dual-layer structure, it is very sturdy and provides ample space for the electrician to work in.