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High-Voltage Substation Equipment Technical Services

Substation Engineering Services specialises in providing technical resources to the power industry and is recognised as one of the leading electrical engineering companies in the UK. Services the company provides include commissioning, installation, site and project management, design, maintenance and refurbishment of high-voltage substation equipment.


Substation Engineering Services specialises in providing technical resources to the power industry and is recognised as one of the leading electrical engineering companies in the UK. Services the company provides include commissioning, installation, site and project management, design, maintenance refurbishment of high-voltage substation equipment.

Commissioning of electricity generating, transmission and distribution sites

SES commissioning engineers are degree-qualified and fully authorised to work on electricity generating, transmission and distribution sites, with many years experience in the power industry, both in the UK and overseas. They are accredited with specific authorisations, such as TP141 (NG) and other distribution network operators and utility companies’ requirements.

Installation of high-voltage substation primary plant equipment

We provide installation of all high-voltage substation primary plant and associated equipment.

Items we provide include:

All SES engineers have extensive, proactive training and practical experience on all products, installation procedures, HSE&Q and are equipped with the correct PPE in order to carry out work safely.
the number of jobs globally will grow from 21 million in 2015 to 35 million in 2050, with renewable energy accounting for 80% of total direct energy jobs.
SES can custom design and manufacture panels to any specification. Our experienced panel builders and project engineers are able to provide solutions to any control and system requirements.
Our service includes as standard a site visit inspection, risk assessments, method and COSHH statements and identification of specialist equipment / training required to complete the project.
With the combination of traditional skills and modern techniques our engineers have the expertise to facilitate all types of cable work. They are comprehensively trained in installation procedures and regulations.
  • High-voltage switchgear – 66-400kV GIS and 11-400kV AIS
  • Power and distribution transformers
  • Disconnectors
  • Current and voltage transformers
  • Capacitor banks
  • Batteries and battery chargers
  • Control and protection panels
  • Substation control systems
  • LVAC and distribution boards
  • Copper and aluminum busbars and overhead conductors
  • Earthing systems
  • Multicore cables and cable management systems
  • LV/MV switchgear – 11/33KV
  • Switchgear control and relay panel modifications
  • Refurbishment, retrofitting and modifications to all equipment
  • Support structures
  • Installation and termination of power cables up to 33kV

Project and site management for large-scale power projects

For larger projects, we are able to offer project and site management services. SES will manage, monitor and control projects from the start to handover. Our proactive project and site managers provide leadership while monitoring and reporting HSE&Q, time, cost, quality and take responsibility for the hiring of equipment and subcontractors.

Design services for voltage equipment

SES design partners have many years experience working at all voltage levels both in the UK and overseas. SES provides a senior design engineer to oversee the work and focus heavily on ensuring that all design services are tailored to our clients needs.

Maintenance services for high-voltage electrical equipment

SES provides a comprehensive range of maintenance services covering all items of electrical high-voltage equipment including:

  • Switchgears
  • Transformers
  • Disconnectors
  • Control and protection
  • High-voltage / low-voltage cables
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Inspection and testing
  • Oil condition monitoring
  • Thermal imaging surveys
  • Primary and secondary injection testing
  • Relay upgrades
  • Grading and protection studies
  • Earthing requirements

Refurbishment of electrical components

We can offer refurbishment for:

  • Distribution transformers up to 20MVA at 132kv
  • Switchgear 11kv – 400kv (vacuum, oil and SF6)
  • Low-voltage switchgears, including protection updates (ACBs, MCCB and complete distribution boards)
  • Ring main units and complete package substations for those containerised and skid-mounted

Control and protection panels for the power applications

Services offered by SES include:

  • Substation control systems
  • Relay / control panels
  • TX control panels and kiosks
  • Portable control rooms
  • Relay rooms and associates panels
  • Switchgear top boxes
  • Circuit breaker cubicles
  • Marshalling kiosks
  • Disconnector / earth switch drive / mech boxes
  • Battery chargers
  • Low-voltage alternating current / distribution panels

Services for power transformers

SES provides the following services for distribution and power transformers between 415V-400KV:

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Refurbishment
  • Maintenance
  • Assembly for core and windings, pipe work, brushings, cooling system, drive mechanism and electrical cabling
  • Termination / dismantling of multicore cables and preparation for test / shipping
  • Oil filling and processing
  • Repairs and fault finding

Low-voltage and high-voltage cabling

SES’s comprehensive power cable services include:

  • Cable installation
  • Cable termination and joining
  • Civils
  • Containment
  • Site surveys
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Fault locating

Fibre optic cables for the power sector

SES’s specialist fibre optics team have the facilities and equipment to carry out both single-mode and multi-mode installations up to 1,650nm wavelength, either by fusion splicing or direct termination of all major connector interfaces. We also have the capability to test installations by loss measurements, using a power meter and source, as well as the optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR).


  • Los Vientos Wind Farm, Texas

    Duke Energy Renewables, part of Duke Energy's commercial portfolio, constructed the Los Vientos wind farms in Texas, US.

  • Kenya-Ethiopia Electricity Highway

    The Kenya-Ethiopia Electricity Highway Project, also known as the Eastern Electricity Highway Project, involves the construction of a 1,068km-long power transmission line from Ethiopia to Kenya, incorporating two AC/DC converter stations at both ends.

  • Westermeerwind Wind Farm

    Westermeerwind is a 144MW wind farm in the shallow waters of IJsselmeer, the biggest lake in the Netherlands.

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