Tallman Equipment Company Tool Supply, Repair and Rental Services for the Electrical Transmission and Distribution Industry

Tallman Equipment is an established distributor of stringing blocks, lineman tools, lifting and rigging equipment, fibreglass devices, rubber goods, and cover up solutions for electrical transmission and distribution applications.

The company stocks a comprehensive catalogue of DDIN products, including helicopter / standard stringing / rigging blocks, sag scopes and sagometers.

We also offer ACSR trimmers, clipping hooks, conductor bushings, compression dies and handline hooks in addition to tool repair and rental services.

Tool and equipment rental solutions for the transmission and distribution industry

Tallman employs expert tool specialists, which offer advice on a wide range of tools and equipment to suit client needs.

We supply a wide variety of common tools and equipment to rent to our customers. These tools are used for the construction and maintenance of electrical transmission systems.

Rental items include stringing blocks, travelling grounds, compression tools, dies, dynamometers, fibreglass extension arms, hoists and grips, hydraulic pumps and power units, platforms and hook ladders, as well as ground truck mats.

ASTM-certified custom ground and jumper sets

Tallman Equipment has a dedicated assembly department specialised in constructing, rebuilding and testing custom or standard-length ground and jumper sets.

Our products are designed to meet or exceed American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Fibreglass tool repair and refinishing for power applications

Tallman’s in-house fibreglass refurbishing technicians test and repair hot sticks, conductor gins, support gins, ladders, extension arms and shotgun sticks. Fibreglass tools and equipment are refurbished and fixed by staff in compliance with ASTM requirements.

Authorised warranty tool repair

We also provide an authorised warranty repair centre for several recognised brands of tools used in the industry. The facility offers accurate estimates for tool repair and quickly returns items upon completion.

Custom rope manufacturing for energy sectors

Tallman Equipment is proud to have the services and experience of James Howell, who was the first to achieve certified Mastery for five splice variations through Samson’s Splicer Certification program.

James’s department assembles many custom rope products, including overhead, pad-mounted and capacitor bank transformer slings, as well as winch lines, high-strength tow ropes and custom rope assemblies.

All rope assemblies are tagged with part numbers, rope diameters, working load limits, safe handling instructions, serial numbers and test dates.

About Tallman Equipment

As an employee-owned company, we believe that customers are a vital asset and extension of our business. We have one of the most customer-focused sales and service team in the industry, as we do our best to listen to your needs and provide clients with the appropriate tools, equipment or services.

We invite you to explore our new website, which has been designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience, with improved navigation and functionality to educate visitors and customers with information about our products and services.

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Tallman Equipment Company

6440 South International Drive

Columbus, Indiana 47201

United States of America

+1 630 860 5666 www.tallmanequipment.com

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Tallman Equipment Company

6440 South International Drive

Columbus, Indiana 47201

United States of America

+1 630 860 5666 www.tallmanequipment.com
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