New Grounded Helicopter Block from DDIN

DDIN Grounded Helicopter Blocks combine the same quality features of both the standard grounded block and standard helicopter block.

The unique Snap Lock fold-away helicopter arm eliminates the need for removing pins to deploy or retract the fly arm, making the DDIN Grounded Helicopter Block ideal for stringing multiple sizes of single overhead conductors where the pilot line will be flown in. These blocks are assembled with a groundbreaking new Gold Standard Grounding Arm mounted directly to the axle.

Grounding arm features

  • GOLD STANDARD, patent pending
  • Unique industry-leading design
  • Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant
  • Constructed of 100% precision machined aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Limited arm travel to prevent over-extension
  • Dual-axle sealed bearings
  • Dual-spring design
  • Tamper-resistant

Block features

  • Smooth and consistent operation
  • GOLD Standard grounding arm-mounted directly to the axle
  • 4 1/2″ x 3/4” Ground stud accepts virtually any ground clamp
  • Dual heavy-duty springs keep the roller in constant contact with the conductor
  • Snap Lock fold-away helicopter arm
  • Spring-loaded side gate
  • Shielded bearings lubricated with synthetic aviation grease
  • Innovative contact roller
  • Innovative anchor point

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