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Vulkan DriveTech

Mechanical Power-Transmission and Braking Systems

Via dell'Agricoltura, 2,
15067 Novi Ligure (AL),

Vulkan DriveTech, a dedicated division of the Vulkan Group, comes to the industrial market with over 120 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and delivering mechanical power-transmission and braking systems.

Our product portfolio includes rubber couplings, gear and disc metal couplings, brakes, backstops, rail clamps, actuators, clutches and resilient mounts.

Couplings for mechanical drives

Our range of couplings for mechanical drives includes highly flexible couplings, jaw couplings, tyre couplings, gear couplings and disc couplings. This wide variety of products ensures we always have the right coupling for any mechanical drive.

Brakes for conveyor belts and cranes

We offer pneumatic brakes, electromechanical brakes, electro-hydraulic brakes and hydraulic brakes, which can be used for applications including conveyor belts, cranes and paper machines. 100% in-house production allows us to customise our brakes to customers’ requirements.

Backstops and freewheels

Both high and low-speed backstops and freewheels are available in our portfolio. Their main applications are for conveyor belts, elevators, cranes, velocity reducers and pumps.

Anti-vibration mounts for power generation

Several types of anti-vibration mounts have been developed and manufactured for specific application fields, such as propulsion engines, generator sets, pumps, compressors and machinery, that require significant structural-borne noise isolation.

Electromechanical actuators

Developed to activate silo gates, raw material gauges, ventilators, cranes’ mechanical locks, ship loaders, and paper and pulp-making machines, Vulkan electromechanical actuators bear applications from 30kg to 4,000kg, at varied speeds. They have a position sensor and easy-to-adjust overload, which are controlled by frequency inverters. Custom solutions are available.

Industrial clutches

Our industrial clutches are specially developed for all machinery that needs operation interruption without shutting down the main drive, such as cranes, hoists, generator sets, compressors, pumps, agricultural machines, and grinders. Industrial clutches are available in different sizes and versions (including shaft-to-shaft and shaft-to-flange) in order to suit most customers’ requirements.

Mechanical power-transmission and braking systems for turbines and generators

Vulkan offers a range of mechanical power-transmission and braking systems for wind turbines, hydro turbines, steam turbines and generators.

Mechanical power-transmission and braking systems

Our mechanical power-transmission and braking systems for fluid processing can be used for pumps, compressors, fans and exhausters.

Onshore raw-material handling (exploration, operation and transport) applications can also be serviced by our mechanical power-transmission and braking systems. They can be used in yard machines, belt conveyors, and ship loaders and unloaders.

Rail clamps

Whenever you think of safer clamping of ship loaders and unloaders, ore stackers and recliners, locomotives, overhead cranes, and gantries, the best solution is always Vulkan rail clamps.

About Vulkan

Our products are proudly designed using the latest finite element model analysis tools and are available in a wide range of sizes and different versions, in order to satisfy the most critical application requirements, ensuring reliable products for all static and dynamic conditions.

Vulkan counts on 15 wholly owned subsidiaries worldwide and more than 30 external offices and representatives, guaranteeing a constant presence for our customers.

Espejo de Tarapacá Project

Espejo de Tarapacá (EdT), also known as The Mirror of Tarapaca, is a 300MW pumped-storage hydroelectric power project being developed by Chilean renewable energy company Valhalla in partnership with Fundación Chile (FCh).

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