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Emergency Management Services and Training for the Power Industry

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Dynamiq is an international emergency management company that provides organisations with peace of mind by helping them to predict, prepare for and respond to medical, travel, operational and security emergencies – at home, in transit and around the world.

We provide an outsourced service to organisations that operate in remote, complex and hostile environments and seek to meet their operational risk management and duty of care obligations to staff and shareholders.

Emergency management services

Dynamiq delivers its seamless service solution through our three centres of excellence: Dynamiq Strategic Solutions, Dynamiq People & Projects and Dynamiq Assist – all of which are comprised of highly skilled and dedicated specialists with real-world experience in their respective emergency management fields.

Dynamiq’s three centres of excellence are supported by our 24/7 Australian-based emergency response centre, which is always ready to provide emergency support and advise no matter where in the world our clients are.

Our real-life strategic solutions ensure business resilience in any emergency situation through auditing, training and testing of emergency management frameworks.
Our Australian-based 24/7 response centre is always ready to provide emergency support and advice.
Our labour hire and infrastructure solutions support our clients operating in remote, hostile or high-risk environments in Australia and worldwide.

Emergency management advisory services

Dynamiq Strategic Solutions is Dynamiq’s strategic advisory unit and marks the first step on the way to a robust emergency management system. It advises clients from the operational level right up to the board level and – unlike other consultancies – provides ‘real life’ strategic solutions on the basis of encompassing audits as well as training and testing of developed frameworks, which allows a seamless implementation into the operations of our clients.

Dynamiq’s review and planning solutions include:

  • Risk management audit and policy / procurement plan development
  • Business continuity audit and policy / procurement development
  • Site security risk audit and policy / procurement development
  • Site medical risk audit and policy / procurement development
  • Employee health audit and policy / procurement development
  • Travel risk management audit and policy / procurement development
  • Evacuation audit and policy / procurement development
  • Customised intelligence / risk reports (before and during the journey)

Tailored emergency management training

We develop and deliver tailored emergency management training solutions that include:

  • Crisis and incident management training
  • Front-of-house response training
  • Incident scene coordination training
  • Company spokesperson communication training
  • Security staffing training
  • Bomb threat, suspect package and duress training
  • Advanced first aid training
  • Managing hostile environments training
  • Traveller safety training

Dynamiq examines the capability of business resilience solutions through realistic, scenario-based testing, including:

  • Tailored emergency response discussion exercise Flashpoint™
  • Desktop scenario-based emergency response training
  • Full-scale mock emergency response training

Emergency management services, labour hire and infrastructure

To further support our clients with the right manpower, equipment and technologies, Dynamiq People & Projects specialises in providing turnkey labour hire and infrastructure solutions into remote, challenging and hostile environments. We further design, project manage and maintain full service emergency management capabilities on behalf of our clients.

Our specialist HR placement services include:

  • Contractor and customised permanent placement solutions in medical, security and emergency response specialisations
  • Access to 24/7 emergency response centre
  • Access to Dynamiq’s senior management team and intellectual property (protocols, procedures)
  • Qualified training and rostering for staff

Turnkey medical, security and emergency response services

Our turnkey medical, security and emergency response solutions include:

  • Mine-site emergency response projects
  • Full turnkey labour hire projects (expat and local staffing)
  • Emergency response team manning, training, procedures, qualifications and equipment
  • Medical personnel, protocols, compliant medical command, clinics, 24/7 telemedicine, medications, equipment and evacuation coordination
  • Site security design, build, manning, equipment, testing, procedures and 24/7 support
  • Ongoing quality control and capability auditing

Emergency medical / travel assistance, safety and security support

Dynamiq Assist provides a fully-integrated emergency medical assistance, travel assistance and global safety and security support solution, which supports clients before, during and after an emergency.

Dynamiq Assist is committed to protecting the personal and business safety, operations and reputation of our clients. We support organisations with instant access to medical, travel risk, security and crisis management specialists as well as trauma counselling, OH&S law and crisis PR experts.

Our travel and medical services include:

  • Global medical evacuation
  • Cost containment
  • Cashless medical appointments
  • Referrals and cost guarantees to international facilities
  • International legal assistance

Our strategic security services include:

  • 24/7 access to international security experts
  • Response to any personal safety and security threats
  • Political evacuations
  • Kidnap, extortion and illegal detention response
  • Security risk assessments, policies and procedures
  • Deployment of protection and security management personnel
  • Traveller tracking (itinerary and GPS-based)

Our crisis response services include:

  • Deployment of crisis management and business continuity experts
  • Trauma counselling, crisis PR and OH&S law professionals
  • Integration of corporate emergency management plans and duress alerts into our case management system
  • Audits, training and testing of corporate crisis management systems
  • Clearance/rehabilitation of employees

Dynamiq’s full-service-suite ensures our clients are covered, no matter what happens.

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