SimGenics provides engineering and training simulators for the power sector.

Operator training services and simulators for the power industry

SimGenics offers full-scope, high-fidelity engineering and training simulators to a range of industries. The simulators are run on the company’s state-of-the-art SimuPACT platform. Solutions available include 3D game-based training run on the award-winning PACT platform.

SimGenics also provides operator training services.

Advanced simulation software suite

SimuPACT is an advanced simulation software suite used to develop engineering and operator training simulators.

SimGenics provides the opportunity to create lifelike simulations to train staff.
SimuPACT includes a materials handling library.
The SimuPact suite includes logic and control networks and mechanical solvers as standard.
Emergency response and safety training is is one of 3D PACT's primary applications.
Dynamic physics and a particle effect builder are available as part of 3D PACT.
The 3D PACT can be used to teach lock-out / tag-out procedures.
3D PACT allows instructors to analyse staff and understand which skills need to be developed.
The virtual instructor ensures that instructorless training is available 24/7.

The software can be seamlessly integrated with 3D PACT to enable comprehensive crew training.

Many configurable solvers and libraries are included in SimuPACT including electrical networks, nuclear power, sensors and actuators, and fossil power.

SimuPACT can make use of various operator and instructor station PCs connected to the simulation server PC allowing multiple people to take part.

Production support software is also included.

User-friendly game-based training

3D PACT is a game-based training platform that provides users with a range of tools and features including a user-friendly procedure and scenario builder with configurable tutorial and test execution modes, a particle effect builder, 3D object builder, crane builder, character system, dynamic physics, and animations which combine to present the trainee with a realistic, lifelike scenario to execute.

The training platform will then score trainees, taking into consideration any time constraints or rules set by the instructor.

The most powerful feature of 3D PACT is the scenario builder, which allows instructors to easily incorporate and apply all 3D PACT features on top of 3D computer aided-design (CAD) models, point cloud data or integrated engineering information, to compile training programs for comprehensive instructor-led or instructorless staff training and evaluation.

3D PACT can be used for a range of circumstances such as incident recreation and prevention, system identification training, system operations training and equipment operations training.

It can also be used to teach clearance and isolation procedures, maintenance and inspection training and planning, emergency response and safety training, and schedule tracking.

Interactive training with a virtual instructor

SimGenics’ virtual instructor allows clients to create interactive training modules that guide the trainee through an operating procedure, and optimise knowledge capture from experienced staff. It is compatible with all SimGenics simulators.

The instructor provide their own performance requirements for a trainee to keep to with when executing procedures. To ensure the trainee won’t receive negative training the instructor features an out of bounds (OOB) monitor.

The system also sends tutorial (TUT) messages to help trainees during sessions. If this is required the instructor will give scoring penalties to reflect the added assistance during testing.