New Contract Award for EFS

EnergyFog Systems (EFS) closed 2012 with its contract for the supply of a Fogging Svstem for the Power Station of San Severo (Puglia, Italy).

San Severo is a combined cycle based on a Ansaldo Energia AE 94 3 A 4 GT, realised by the company En Plus Italia, controlled and majority owned by the company Alpiq, and operating since 2011.

Alpiq, having experimented the high level of temperatures during an important part of the year, decided to proceed to the cooling of the air to the GT compressor.

Having examined and balanced the different possible air cooling systems, Alpiq have recognised that Fogging is by far the most effective and convenient way of intervention in an operating station. As a matter of fact, the use of Fogging as retrofitting of an operative power station, is non-intrusive of the air intake, quicker and much more economical compared with other air cooling systems.

EFS has been able to obtain this contact thanks to its huge experience in the field of retrofitting, as well as in new power stations, and to its deep knowledge of the GT’s of the last generation, specifically the AE 94 3 A type.

Confirming its capability to maintain the level of reliability of its supply while introducing design improvements suggested by its experience, EFS has decided for this and future installations to adopt a new more flexible SW for the control and governance of the system, as well as introducing a new user-friendly graphic interface.

The order has been issued to EFS by Ansaldo Energia Service, which have a LTMA with the station operator, at the very end of 2012, for a delivery within March 2013: this accelerated schedule have been accepted by EFS thanks to its procedures of design, procurement, construction and installation, which have been standardised and compressed during the previous experiences.

Thanks to this short schedule, San Severo station will be able to take advantage of the Fogging air cooling starting from this spring season.

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