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Everest Sciences Will ‘Cool Down / Power Up’ Large Integrated Natural Gas Company with its ECOCool™ Installation in Wyoming

Everest Sciences Corporation, the leading provider of indirect evaporative cooling and chilling solutions, is pleased to announce a signed contract of an ECOCool™ turbine inlet cooling system with a large integrated natural gas company with operations in the Northwest.

Everest is installing the ECOCool unit on a Solar Taurus 60 turbine located at a pipeline compression facility located in Wyoming. The ECOCool unit lowers intake air temperatures below traditional evaporative techniques by using more effective inlet air heat transfer while consuming small quantities of energy to operate itself. The fully integrated multi-staged cooling process enables the gas turbine to produce more power at greater efficiency providing its customers with increased revenue while lowering their operating costs.

"We are delighted to move forward with implementation of our inlet cooling solutions with one of the country’s leading and most well-regarded integrated natural gas companies," said Marcus Bastianen, director of sales and marketing for Everest Sciences.

"In this particular application, the ECOCool solution will improve the throughput of the gas compressor, by tightly managing turbine inlet air temperature and mass flow using our patented hybrid technique and integrated control system."

The power and efficiency increase at the compressor station will be significant, particularly during hot climate days as experienced this summer with record-breaking temperatures.

Everest Sciences manufactures highly-engineered, fully-integrated turbine inlet air systems and currently serves multiple industry segments in the food processing; pulp and paper, co-gen, chemical processing, pipeline, and oil and gas segments of the market.

Recently Everest Sciences installed hybrid systems at a major gas processing facility owned and operated by Enterprise Products Partners LP in the greater Houston area. Everest Sciences installed systems have performed above expectations and resulted in measurable improvements in efficiency for its customers.

"We are pleased our technology is being embraced domestically by leading energy corporations," said Bastianen.

Everest continues to receive interest in its hybrid technology in the global markets as well, with its first shipments abroad scheduled in the fourth quarter 2011.

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