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Everest Sciences Announces First Follow-On Order From Existing Customer for Groundbreaking Air Handling Solutions

Everest Sciences Corporation, a leading provider of air handling solutions for the natural gas, power generation, chemical production and other industries, has announced that it has received the first follow-on order for its ECOChill system from an existing customer: a large natural gas processing facility near Houston, Texas.

The deal demonstrates the rapid acceptance of Everest Sciences’ groundbreaking products in the natural gas liquids production industry.

This announcement follows the recent commissioning of an ECOChill Pro Spec™ hybrid inlet cooling system at a customer’s large chemical plant in the Caribbean, and the installation of an Everest Sciences ECOCool™ system at a natural gas pipeline compression station in the US Rocky Mountain region.

"We are thrilled that our advanced air handling solutions have shown such a significant business benefit for this facility," said Dave Voeller, chief executive officer of Everest Sciences.

"This customer was one of the first companies to adopt our advanced air handling solutions, and could foresee that our ECOChill system would provide cooler, denser inlet air to their gas turbines, thereby increasing turbine production and efficiency while the ECOChill system consumes only a small parasitic load to operate. We appreciate the vision they have shown, and this follow-on order demonstrates the company’s commitment to Everest Sciences’ industry-leading technology."

The customer who has ordered the follow on unit is a leading North American provider of midstream energy services to producers and consumers of natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), crude oil, refined products and petrochemicals. They had originally ordered and installed two ECOChill units for use in a gas processing facility in Mont Belvieu, Texas. The company has realized substantial benefits from the systems, which make use of Everest Sciences’ patented Indirect Evaporative Inlet Cooling technology.

"Everest was chosen for their innovative and efficient chilling technology for inlet air chilling to our gas turbines," said senior process engineer and project manager for the customer. "We are now able to consistently reduce inlet air temperatures to our gas turbines, giving us the ability to provide needed refrigeration horsepower to our process plant."

Everest Sciences provides air handling solutions that help customers in the oil and gas, food processing, pulp and paper, co-gen, chemical processing, and pipeline compression industries achieve greater manufacturing and production efficiency, and thereby operate their businesses more profitably.

Everest Sciences consults with customers to determine the particular air handling challenges that affect not just an individual component of their process – such as a gas turbine – but the entire system, and then design a solution that may include chilling, inlet cooling, filtration or some combination of these methods.

A results-oriented and solution-focused organization where customer profitability are fundamental to its success, Everest Sciences has developed and patented hybrid indirect evaporative inlet cooling technology, for example, is used in the company’s ECOChill™, ECOCool™, and Hydro-Flexcool™ systems to create, cooler denser air more efficiently than the existing conventional techniques.

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