Continental Controls Corporation, a manufacturer of controls and components for gas turbine and reciprocating engines, has announced the release of a fuel valve targeting OEM engine manufacturers, engine control companies, and users and operators of gas engines with old or slow fuel valves.

The GV1 gas valve will operate as a variable pressure controller monitoring and controlling the gas injection pressure to either the carburetor or mixing venturi of the engine. The valve will respond within 30ms to a change in downstream pressure, which enables the valve to react to load changes much more quickly than a traditional AFR valve that only reacts to changes in the oxygen feedback from the engines exhaust.

The GV1 will operate with either naturally aspirated gas engines or (by adding a turbo balance line) with turbocharged engines. The valve can control many types of gaseous fuels such as natural gas, field gas, propane, or various bio-fuels or land fill gasses.

As a full authority fuel valve the new valve will offer the range to control gas engines at all loads even with a variety of heating values. It is designed for gas engines from 25bhp to 500bhp.

“This is kind of a reverse evolution for Continental Controls,” said Rick Fisher, vice president of sales and marketing for Continental Controls. “Our gas engine valves in the past have always included the AFR as part of the valve. The GV1 is a simpler, lower cost design that we think can become a common product used throughout the industry.”