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Mixing Venturi Reduces Emissions and Fuel Consumption

San Diego, CA- Continental Controls Corporation, a manufacturer of controls and components for Gas Turbine and Reciprocating engines, has announced the release of a new mixing venturi, VM-350 which replaces the carburetor on most natural gas engines.

The objective of the Mixing Venturi is to provide more effective mixing of the air and gas as well as eliminating some of the maintenance prone aspects of the traditional carburetor such as the diaphragm in the mixing bowl. Most carburetors were designed to run more rich at higher loads. By using a appropriately sized mixing venturi the fuel pressure profile can be flat so that at any load the fuel pressure will be approximately the same.

By using the Mixing Venturi along with CCC’s ECV 5 Air Fuel Ratio Controller and a 3 way catalyst, emissions can be reduced to the lowest achievable levels at any load or speed. In addition to maintaining very low emissions, fuel consumption is also reduced. Some of customers have reported fuel savings of as much as 14% to 18%.

The VM 350 is a precisely machined component which will not require maintenance or repair. It is currently available for sale to Engine OEM’s, Packagers, and End Users interested in improving the fuel system on existing engines.

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