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Mixing Venturi Carburetor Inserts

San Diego, CA- Continental Controls Corporation, a manufacturer of controls and components for Gas Turbine and Reciprocating engines, has announced the release of a mixing Venturi Insert that will replace the original mixing bowl and diaphragm in a variety of carburetors.

The objective of the Mixing Venturi inserts is to provide more effective mixing of the air and gas and eliminate some of the maintenance prone aspects of the traditional carburetor such as the diaphragm in the mixing bowl.

Most carburetors were designed to run more rich at higher loads. By using a appropriately sized mixing venturi insert the fuel pressure profile can be flat so that at any load the fuel pressure will be approximately the same. This can offer a huge advantage when trying to reduce emissions or when trying to improve fuel efficiency. As the load on the engine changes, the Venturi will the engine to maintain the same fuel inlet pressure. Because of this, the air fuel ratio controller won’t have to make a correction when the engine changes load.

By using the Mixing Venturi inserts along with CCC’s ECV 5 Air Fuel Ratio Controller and a 3 way catalyst, emissions can be reduced to the lowest achievable levels at any load or speed. The main advantage to using the venturi inserts instead of a stand alone venturi body, is that the installation can be done in a matter of minutes. It will require no changes in plumbing. The installer simply removes the old mixing bowl from the carburetor and inserts the venture inserts in it’s place.

The VI 600 is a precisely machined component which is designed specifically for the Impco 600 carburetor series. Some 600 will require a single and some will require two inserts depending on how many mixing bowls were originally in the carburetor.

The VI 600 is currently available for sale to Engine OEM’s, Packagers, and End Users interested in improving the fuel system on existing engines. Other insert designs will shortly be available for the Impco 200 and the Impco 400 series of carburetors.

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