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Continental Controls Introduces Electronic Carburetor for Small Gas Engines

San Diego, CA – Continental Controls Corporation, a manufacturer of controls and components for Gas Turbine and Reciprocating engines, has announced the release of a new Electronic Carburetor for Small (40hp to 300hp) Gas Engines model EGC 2.

By combining the fuel pressure regulator, mixing venturi and fuel control valve, the installation of the fuel system is greatly simplified and the design and performance for each component is optimized for controlling a precise fuel mix to small gas engines. Not only does this eliminate the traditional mechanical carburetor and diaphragm eliminating a frequent maintenance issue, but it generally lowers the overall cost of the fuel system.

The two major benefits to using the electronic carburetor are improved fuel economy and when used with a 3-way catalyst, the best available control technology to reduce emissions. With a properly operating engine, the EGC 2 will meet even the most stringent emissions requirements for Gas Engines.

The EGC 2 offers full authority fuel control which will allow it to control a wide range of fuel types and heating values with a single carburetor. The EGC 2 can control Standard Natural Gas, Propane, Digester Biogas, or Trash Gas.

The key to the success of the EGC 2 is in the Patented Variable Pressure Control technique used for control. The pressure set point is varied based on an input from a standard Zirconium Oxide Oxygen sensor in the exhaust. This along with the improved mixing from the venturi, the speed with witch the fuel valve can react to changes in load or fuel heating value, and the electronic controls which offer "no droop" all contribute to the most sophisticated fuel control for small gas engines.

The carburetor requires 10 vdc to 32 vdc. The data from the carburetor is available digitally through a modbus serial link. An optional display can also be used which will allow the user to monitor Oxygen Sensor Output, Gas Injection Pressure, and Pre and Post Catalyst temperatures.

"With the new EPA requirements which will regulate emissions for gas engines down to 50hp, we felt that there was a need in the market for more effective control of small gas engines" according to Rick Fisher, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Continental Controls. "We knew that we could apply the same techniques that we had applied to larger engines on these 40-300hp engines, and it has proven to be very successful".

Continental Controls has controllers available for sale to OEM’s and Packagers immediately and will be marketing complete end-user engine upgrade kits including 3-way catalysts and installation kits for the Electronic Carburetor in the near future.

Typical Applications:

  • Controllable Gaseous Fuels
  • Gas Compression Natural Gas
  • Power Generation Propane
  • Irrigation Pumps Digester Biogas
  • Refrigeration Trash Gas

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