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Somi Impianti Demolizioni

Demolition Services for Power Plants

Somi Impianti Demolizioni is an Italian company specialising in demolition activities within power plants.

Via Sandro Pertini n. 11,
San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore,

Via Sandro Pertini n. 11,
San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore,


Somi Impianti Demolizioni is an Italian company specialising in demolition activities within power plants.

The company offers a complete service / turnkey demolition project by means of its own management, manpower, machinery and tools. The company’s knowledge encompasses a large range of disassembly methods, especially for dismantling large boilers without risk of a blast or collapse.

Somi Impianti Demolizioni has, in its reference, demolition of stacks up to 200m high, and has the capability of in-house design for special tools and technical solutions for special demolitions.

The above picture shows a power plant in Algeciras, Spain, that was completely dismantled by us: n.2 boiler / HRSG, n.2 stacks, air filters, ducts, tanks, concrete slabs and buildings.

Turnkey power plant demolition

Somi Impianti Demolizioni provides expertise for turnkey power plant demolition. The company can provide all the management and staff, as well as its own machinery, tools and all related project services: scheduling, safeguards, health and safety and environmental protection.

Somi Impianti Demolizioni has the capability to manage every mechanical and non-mechanical demolition in a power plant and also take care of decontamination, insulation removal and final cleaning.

Demolition and disassembly of big boilers

The company has disassembled around 30 big boilers (up to 60m high) all over Europe.

The two main methods for the lowering of the suspended pressure parts (up to 3,500t) are with a big crane capacity or with a system of hydraulic strand jacks supplied exclusively from a specialised company.

For both, Somi Impianti Demolizioni has developed method statements, risk assessments and knowledge that allows the company to complete successfully all the demolition projects awarded in the last 15 years.

Demolition of stacks and chimneys

Somi Impianti Demolition has developed its own know-how for the demolition of stacks and chimneys and has completed the demolition of stacks up to 200m high.

In order to complete such kinds of demolition, the company has designed and constructed special tools and equipment known as ‘Fly System’ or ‘Spider System’, as shown in the pictures. The use of such special equipment depends on the height, the thickness and the diameter of the stack.

Demolition of buildings, large capacity tanks and other plants

Somi Impianti Demolizioni also peforms demolitions of concrete buildings of every height and dimension.

Somi Impianti Demolizioni can also demolish large capacity tanks (up to 100,000m³) and can perform cleaning and sludge removal before the shell demolition.

In general, Somi has the capacity to dismantle every kind of plant within the power station sector.

In-house design

Somi Impianti Demolizioni has its own design department that can develop in-house design for special tools and technical solutions.

Somi Impianti Demolizioni possesses a complete set of certificates issued by DEKRA:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • SCC**

The company also has a certification from the Italian protocol called SOA for the category "OS23 – Demolition" for work for more than €20m.

Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Phase 2

The Bushehr nuclear power plant (NPP) is being developed as part of a joint nuclear cooperation agreement between Russia and Iran, which includes a provision to build up to eight new reactors in Iran.

Somi Impianti Demolizioni SRL

Via Sandro Pertini n. 11

San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore