Waste Heat Recovery Boilers, Centrifugal Industrial Fans, and High Pressure Steam and Hot Water Boilers

High-pressure steam and hot water boilers are manufactured according to the German TRD and DIN, Turkish TC and international standard in parallel to our long-term technical cooperation with German companies.

The production processes are conducted by experienced staff with careful quality control and necessary X-ray examinations at each phase of manufacturing. Fire tube boilers are subjected to the normalisation procedures in a special oven when necessary.

In addition, with the technical cooperation of the world-famous firm Büttner-Schilde-Haas and by using the means and facilities that the most advanced technology can offer, Selnikel, at its new factory supplemented by the latest machinery, has developed and perfected the manufacturing of industrial fans further, which has been a part of Selnikel's production programme for the past 48 years.

Today, our company, through manufacturing according to international standards, has attained a wide range of level and capacity; this enables it to meet the needs and demands of almost all types of industrial plants, such as those engaged in the production of cement, gas, steel, paint, chemicals, wood, pharmaceuticals, paper, tobacco and textiles.

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