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Dispatching Centre Modernisation

Tiroler TIWAG AG provides safe and environmentally sound energy supplies at competitive prices. TIWAG also creates jobs, value and industrial development in its home market, contributing to the securing of positive economic and social living conditions for the next generation.

In order to continually ensure a safe, inexpensive and environmentally friendly power supply in Tirol, TIWAG is expanding renewable, cost-stable and CO₂-free hydropower. It encourages alternative energy sources and the most efficient use of high-quality energy flow.

TIWAG’s Dispatching Center oversees the entire energy management of TIWAG power plants. This includes the forecasting of inflows, the prognosis of customer load and intensive monitoring of relevant energy markets. The Dispatching Center is staffed around the clock, seven days a week to meet the high requirements of security and stability standards.

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