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Increasing Varnish Mitigation Performance by Incorporating Customisable ESP Media

Varnish is widely accepted as a lubricant failure mode in many applications such as turbine, hydraulic and compressors. Non-detergent R&O oils are among the most susceptible to develop deposits.

The original focus of varnish mitigation technologies was to remove the degradation products that are in suspension either by electrostatic separation or filtration.

However, it has been found that most degradation products in an operating system are in solution rather than in suspension. Electrophysical separation process (ESP) is a patent-pending media that was developed to selectively remove these degradation products regardless of whether they are in suspension or in solution.

This paper presents research on the benefits of customising the ESP media based on the chemistry of degradation products. By optimising media selection, performance benefits of over 1,000% were achieved.

To find out more, download this white paper.

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