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Reducing Exhaust Emissions from Stationary Diesel Engines in Greenwich

Thames Water operates a pumping station in Greenwich, South-East London, which is used to pump sewage and rainwater. For the majority of the time, electric pumps are used, but there are also two diesel engines, which drive pumps directly and these are used as a back up in case of a mains failure or extreme weather conditions. They were built before any emissions standards applied to diesel engines, and produced visible black smoke, especially on startup. This lead to complaints from residents living in newly built luxury flats overlooking the site and Thames Water was told by Greenwich Borough Council that it must eliminate this black smoke. Thames Water made contact with Blackthorn, and Julian Hammond, Blackthorn’s Managing Director, attended a meeting including staff from Thames Water and Greenwich Borough Council in July 2016. At this meeting, it was decided to resolve the issue of black smoke but also to tackle the emissions of NOx to bring the engines into compliance with the forthcoming Medium Combustion Plant Directive. To find out more, please download this free white paper.