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KOREMA links tradition with innovation

KOREMA is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible expansion joints. Expansion joints connect up pipelines. These transition elements compensate for movements and can also act as acoustic and thermal decouplers.

The various designs arise from the different movements which need to be absorbed: belt types, U types and a variety of special designs.

The company was founded at its present location in Weiterstadt near Darmstadt, Germany, in 1968. For its time, it was the first specialist company in the world to manufacture novel types of environmentally- friendly expansion joints. Only a few years later,
the company opened its first agencies abroad.

The company has always assigned high priority to innovative developments. KOREMA was therefore the first company to manufacture expansion joints totally free from asbestos. Several German and world patents followed. The trend was clearly in one direction: the compound materials used must become even more eco-friendly.

KOREMA with its Simiflon and Eltrof lon expansion joints once again pointed the way forward. Today, the company
stands for environmentally friendly products of outstanding quality and durability.

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