US Power Station Experiences Excellent Performance from DOW FILMTEC BW30HR-440i Membranes

A 227MW gas-fired power plant operating in the southern United States generates electricity and steam for the public power grid and the adjacent oil refinery. To treat their make-up demin water, the power plant depends on six parallel reverse osmosis (RO) trains. In August 2009 the plant sought to upgrade performance of their RO system by replacing the membranes installed in two of the six trains.

Leading up to the August 2009 decision to upgrade the membranes in two of the RO trains, all six trains had been operating with non-Dow membranes. The power plant decided to replace one train with Dow's newly-released FILMTEC™ BW30HR-440i membrane, and to replace a different train with its predecessor, the FILMTEC BW30-440i membrane.

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