Rokeby Generating Station Saves 50% in Capital Expense by Using Liqui-Cel® 14×28 Membrane Contactors to Remove CO2 to Extend Mixed Bed Resin Life

Lincoln Electric Systems (LES) recently commissioned a membrane decarbonation system using Liqui-Cel® 14x28 Membrane Contactors to remove CO2 prior to their mixed bed deionizers.

The system was installed at the Rokeby Generating Station (RGS) in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Rokeby Generating Station is LES's primary peaking power station, totaling 255MW and consisting of three duel fuel combustion turbines.

The existing DI water system consisted of two single-pass, two-stage RO skids followed by a 31ft³ (0.87m³) mixed bed deionizer and two 250,000gal (943m³) storage tanks.

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