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G-Drive Diesel Engines

KOHLER G-Drive diesel engines offer outstanding specific power in a clean, modular design. The company's global team of engineers developed two sophisticated engine blocks, K135 and K175, which deliver a large range of power from 537kWm to 4,250kWm.

Created specifically for generator set applications, the engines reach up to 43.5kW/l and pair a compact form factor with unrivalled kilowatt displacement, delivering the highest power density on the market.

The range produces industry-leading kW displacement in a package that enables a smaller generator set footprint while delivering the best fuel consumption at more nodes than any competitor between 800kW and 2,500kW. That means higher performance at reduced operating costs.

The engines have proven their reliability, efficiency and outstanding performance during nearly 50,000 hours of tests, both in laboratory and on-site.

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