Iberdrola wins the Excellence Award for Investments this year as it invested $5.8bn in Brazil’s energy transition.

Focus will fall on electricity networks and renewable projects, including offshore wind and green hydrogen.

One focus is The Neoenergia Renewable Energy Complex, which lays in the state of Paraiba. Currently, it has 5.1GW of installed generation capacity, 90% of which comes from renewable sources, and Iberdrola plans to add a further 200MW through the construction of additional wind farms.

It is also home to the combined Chafariz wind scheme and the Luzia photovoltaic plant, collectively providing a capacity of 600MW, with power connected to Brazil’s energy grid via a 345km long transmission line.

Iberdrola is optimistic that the hybrid nature of the complex will allow for more efficient management of the two renewable sources, resulting in cost reductions and better use of the transmission systems.

Company Profile

The Iberdrola Group has established itself as a preeminent force in the global energy sector. The organisation has accelerated the energy transition by two decades, addressing climate change and fostering a sustainable, competitive business framework that delivers value to the community.

For over two decades, the group has dedicated itself to the advancement of clean energy, with ambitions to expand its renewable energy portfolio to 100,000MW to support future growth.

Boasting a heritage that spans beyond 180 years, Iberdrola stands as a leading entity in the global energy market, recognised as the foremost producer of wind energy and ranking among the world’s largest electricity providers by market capitalisation.

The company’s commitment to the energy transition is unwavering, with a focus on renewable sources, the deployment of intelligent networks, the implementation of large-scale energy storage solutions, and the pursuit of digital innovation. These pillars underpin Iberdrola’s strategy to supply cutting-edge products and services to its clientele.

For more than two decades, Iberdrola has anchored its operations on the provision of clean energy, which is integral to the development of its robust, dependable, and smart business model.


Website: https://www.iberdrola.com/