Nexans wins the Excellence Award for Product Launches this year as it launched a new range of low-carbon grid cables.

The company’s new distribution grid cables, the first on the French market, reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of its low- and medium-voltage cables by 35–50%, depending on the product.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint of its products, Nexans has adapted its value chain: it now uses 100% low-carbon aluminium; up to 50% recycled plastic in the insulation and sheathing; and applies various decarbonisation measures to the manufacturing process and transport.

In addition, the company has designed a range of other solutions including engineering studies to determine the optimal cable type and cross-section over the entire life cycle; and new technologies such as the EDRMAX medium-voltage cable, which can be buried as is, with no need for a sand bed, thanks to its reinforced sheath – thereby reducing the CO2 emissions stemming from its installation by 10%.

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Electricity production is a crucial component of the electrification supply chain, with renewable energy integration being key to the energy transition. This shift, however, presents challenges for energy producers, especially as global electricity demand is expected to rise significantly by 2040.

As a significant player in the electrification industry, the company focuses on developing and supplying advanced cabling solutions, particularly for renewable energy sectors like wind, hydro, and solar. It aims to meet the growing needs for electricity with innovative, reliable, and efficient cabling systems that are essential for transmitting power from generation sites to consumers.

The company’s expertise in High Voltage (HV) and Extra High Voltage (EHV) cable technologies, including cryogenics, allows for installations on land and at sea. With a fleet of cable-laying vessels, it also strives to reduce its environmental impact during installation processes.

Energy producers face the challenge of aligning with the Paris Agreement’s objectives, which include limiting global warming and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The company supports these goals by providing premium cables and recycling materials, contributing to sustainable electrification and energy conservation efforts.

With over a century of experience, the company employs around 28,000 people in 42 countries and generated 6.7 billion euros in sales in 2022. It operates across various sectors, including Power Generation & Transmission, and is committed to carbon neutrality by 2030. The company’s foundation supports energy access initiatives globally, underscoring its commitment to a decarbonized and accessible electric future.

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