Before we tackle the year ahead, it is time to take a look back on the year 2010 in the power industry.

We review the past year’s developments in the power industry, the trending technologies and new power plant projects. We also take a look at major decisions made on the global political stage that will affect the power industry.

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2010 Technology Trends

Wind capacity increase, solar power storage, carbon capture and the nuclear renaissance – we round up some of the power technologies that made big waves in the past year.
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Powerful Decisions

Global power industry leaders certainly have no carte blanche in their actions. Governments and energy departments control and constrict, lead the way into new directions, give permission or provide support. In 2010 big and small energy decisions were made on the world’s political stage. Elisabeth Fischer rounds up the most important ones.
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One Small Step

The 2009 UN climate change summit in Copenhagen saw the international community divided by conflicting interests, but December’s summit in Cancun concluded on a more optimistic note. Chris Lo takes a look at the progress and possibilities.
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Project Update 2010

Explore new power plants and upgrade projects completed in 2010 with our interactive world map.
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Industry Projects

In our industry projects section we take a close look at some of the power plants and upgrades completed in 2010.

Penascal Wind Farm – The world’s largest onshore wind farm stretches across 300 acres of private land in Kenedy County, Texas, US and has an installed capacity of 404MW.
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Phoenix Solar Thin Film Photovoltaic Plant – Phoenix Solar’s new plant, installed on the rooftop of a factory building, is Singapore’s biggest thin film photovoltaic plant and the largest installation of 5.7m tandem junction PV panels in the world.
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RWE Power Lignite-Fired Plant – RWE Power’s Neurath power station in Germany is now the world’s largest lignite-fired plant following an extension by two new 1,100MW blocks.
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Lingao Nuclear Power Station – China’s Lingao nuclear power station, a two-unit plant with an installed capacity of 1,870MW, is being extended with the addition of two new nuclear units.
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Next Issue

In next month’s issue we look at trends and leaders in the power industry. We explore how 3D modelling allows project managers to visualise the power plants of the future and investigate the most promising technologies for improving fossil fuel efficiency. We also look at the next generation of wind energy generators and round up the top institutions leading the way in power technology research.

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