In times of increasing power demand and ongoing energy efficiency debate, a focus on the entire electricity network – from the power station to the switch on the wall – is becoming ever more important.

In this month’s edition we look at transmission and power grids. We round up efforts to regulate transmission networks across Europe. We also investigate the potential of smart grids to offer a realistic solution to power grid strain and look at the role that substations play in increasing the efficiency of power transmission.

We look at the Tres Amigas ‘superstation’ scheme in the US, as well as major transmission line projects including the Fenno-Skan interconnector linking southern Finland and Sweden.

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First Steps to Harmony in Europe

Europe’s transmission system operators produced the pilot for their ten-year plan last year – a response to the EU directive demanding harmonisation of national regulatory frameworks and greater transparency during the process.
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Sizing Up Smart Grids

The potential of smart grids has been touted nearly everywhere as a realistic solution to power grid strain. Adoption, however, has not been as widespread as one would imagine. We examine whether the benefits make up for the costs.
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Video: Making Energy Networks Smarter

With an estimated $13 trillion investment required in energy infrastructure over the next 20 years, expectations are high for smart grid technology to help bring about a transition to more efficient, low-carbon energy networks. This video by the World Economic Forum outlines the benefits of smart grids and the challenges that need to be overcome. Bringing together views of industry stakeholders, it explains why the 90 pilot projects underway worldwide are essential in paving the way for the implementation of smart grids on a large scale.
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Three Friends Get Together

The $600m Tres Amigas ‘superstation’ project, the most ambitious superconductor scheme ever undertaken, will connect the United States’ three primary interconnections to a power trading hub while integrating substantial renewable energy sources.
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Significance of the Substation

The substation is often considered to be one of the less exciting parts of an electricity network – but that does not mean its contribution to driving efficiencies should be overlooked.
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Industry Projects

McNary-John Day Transmission Line – A new 79-mile 500KV transmission line under construction in Washington and Oregon, US, will deliver 800MW of energy to the region, including 700MW renewable wind energy.
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Fenno-Skan Interconnector – A second pole is being added to the 572MW Fenno-Skan interconnector linking southern Finland and Sweden, increasing the line’s total capacity to 1372MW.
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Beauly-Denny Overhead Power Line Upgrade – This project will replace the transmission line between Beauly and Wharry Burn, the weakest leg of the Scottish transmission network, with a 400kv double circuit line, increasing the network’s capacity to handle renewable energy.
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Next Issue

In next month’s issue we look at new developments in turbine technology – from turbines installed in conventional power plants to those that generate power from renewable sources.

We look at a new generation of CCGT plants and trace the technological improvements that have been achieved over two decades of IGCC evolution.
We also investigate how newly developed low thermal conductivity coatings can allow higher blade temperatures and therefore more power from the turbine.

In an industry project special we explore how the new Sumgait CCGT station helps to bring clean power and grid stability to Azerbaijan.

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