The Copenhagen Climate conference bought the power generation industry into focus as world leaders tried to negotiate new targets for industrial projects in a bid to curb global carbon emissions.

While an all-encompassing replacement for the Kyoto Protocol has yet to be agreed, the power generation industry is still working to meet stringent national and international targets to reduce harmful emissions while also increasing output to guarantee future energy security.

In June 2010, Europe’s largest power event, to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, will bring together experts and business leaders who tackle this dilemma on a daily basis.

Organiser PennWell has brought together all players in the power field – from renewable innovators to nuclear experts – by co-locating the Power-Gen, Renewable Energy World, Nuclear Power Europe and PowerGrid Europe events. This year, Power Technology will be covering all facets of the Power-Gen event to bring you the news, video and features.

Nuclear In Europe

The Nuclear Power Europe conference and exhibition, a new addition to this year’s event, attempts to cater to the growing demand for nuclear expertise, a vital part of the energy mix for a growing number of countries.

“PennWell has brought together all players in the power field – from renewable innovators to nuclear experts.”

The nuclear conference, made up of a dedicated programme of speakers, attempts to explore new reactors on offer from the main international players serving Europe’s nuclear industry such as Finland’s pioneering Olkiluoto 3 plant, which is currently under construction.

A panel discussion with representatives from climate charity Greenpeace, the European Commission, RWE and Eurelectric will tackle the question – “The Viability of Nuclear Power: Politics, Economics and the Environment”.

Power Technology will highlight new developments in this arena such as retrofitting the latest steam turbine technology.

Reporting on renewables

The renewable energy community has a huge part to play in the global push to find clean, reliable and secure sources of energy and Europe is at the heart of that renewable energy drive and home to many of the world’s most ambitious projects. Renewable Energy World Europe embodies that spirit of ambition and innovation, says organiser PennWell.

Renewable Energy World Europe offers a forum to debate issues, hear about the latest technologies and strategies, and discuss commercial and financial topics. The climate change debate has largely been dominated by politicians and green groups. The conference will, however, offer the chance for industry leaders to make their concerns and ideas heard, particularly on where the power industry should be focusing its efforts when it comes to reducing not just carbon dioxide, but also other harmful emissions.

“The renewable energy community has a huge part to play in the global push to find clean, reliable and secure sources of energy.”

Power Technology will be on reporting on what key industry voices have to say on where the industry goes from here, and how government targets can be met using both current and future technology.

Finally, we will be reporting from Powergrid Europe, where the latest challenges and industry adjustments to the European power grid system will be highlighted and debated.

Technology on show

Technology providers will be unveiling their latest products on the exhibition floor at Power-Gen. Some of the most anticipated launches will be from companies including:

  • Siemens AG, which will focus on the entire energy conversion chain
  • Wärtsilä, which will be showcasing ideas for energy production and demand for the future
  • Intellifast which will deliver a technique for bolt identification and clamp load control
  • Andritz AG, which will this year target solutions for a multitude of pumps and pumping stations with cooling water pumps
  • Spig, a global company with headquarters in Italy, which will be exhibiting an array of cooling towers and condensers
  • Gore, an international company that creates next-generation components for the electronics industry, will be presenting the latest addition to its turbine filter family.