In this month’s issue we wrap up the latest developments and innovations in alternative energy.

Oil makes up over a third of the world’s energy usage, but it won’t last forever. With increasing concerns that peak oil will be reached within a few decades and that demand will outstrip supply, massive worldwide investments in renewable energy are needed.

We investigate where the world is heading for its energy supplies and look at the efforts that are being made to find alternatives, from cleaner gas technologies to the renewable options of solar, wind and wave.

Although previously associated with additional costs, green power solutions are now doing their bit to improve efficiency. We look at the economy of green technology and the true cost of a reduced carbon future, and round up some of the most innovative developments in renewable energy.

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Power and Climate Change

For many the Copenhagen climate summit last year was a big disappointment, but it did highlight the need for change. Ian McInnes looks at where the world is heading for its energy supplies. Go to the article.

An Alternative Future

A global financial meltdown may have pushed back renewable projects, but new technologies are on the rise. With peak oil not too far off, Mitch Beedie looks at the alternatives. Go to the article.

Top 5 New Green Developments

Renewable energy technology is evolving rapidly. Alex Hawkes unveils the top five new ideas, technologies and projects that will shape the future of the power industry. Go to the article.

The Economy of Green Technology

Previously associated with additional costs, green power solutions are now doing their bit to improve efficiency. David Binning reports. Go to the article.

Industry projects

In our new section we take a closer look at major power plants and new projects under construction worldwide.

Cornwall Wave Hub – Wave Hub, the world’s largest test site for wave energy devices, is under construction off the coast of Cornwall, England, and will start generating energy in 2011. Go to the article.

Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm – Scheduled to start operation in 2011, the Sheringham Shoal wind farm off the coast of eastern England will generate 315MW from 88 wind turbines. Go to the article.

Kaohsiung Solar Power Plant – Housing 141 huge solar panels, the new high-concentration photovoltaic solar plant in southern Taiwan can generate electricity for 1000 homes and is one example of the country’s rapid expansion in the solar power sector. Go to the article.

Next month’s edition

Wind is the fastest growing energy source in the world with capacity doubling every three years. By 2012 the wind sector will employ over one million people and by 2013, sold wind turbine technology is expected to reach $100 billion.

In next month’s issue we track the top players in the wind industry and look at the growth potential in the US small wind market and policies needed to encourage further investment in wind power technology.

In our new industry projects section we take an in-depth look at Roscoe wind farm, the largest wind farm in the world, and Europe’s largest onshore wind farm, Whitlee.

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