Online Magazine – Solar Edition

28 September 2010 (Last Updated July 29th, 2020 22:31)

How the latest technology is leading solar power into a glowing future.

Online Magazine – Solar Edition

Solar is one of the biggest market sectors to emerge, with European and Asian countries taking the lead in the industry. Technology providers are working tirelessly with plant designers to create more efficient ways of harnessing energy from the most powerful source we have at our disposal – all part of the massive push to move away from fossil fuels and avert the effects of carbon emissions.

In this month’s edition we take a look at the latest technologies being developed to capture and store the sun’s power, and their implementation in pilot projects around the world.

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Solar Power’s Glowing Future

Technology is moving fast to keep up with the renewables revolution. Ozge Ibrahim takes a look at the latest technological developments that are making solar one of the biggest market sectors to emerge. Go to the article.

Storing the Sun’s Power

High temperature molten salt storage is being used increasingly to ballast the output of thermal solar plants, and as a heat transfer fluid in new facilities. The first of 17 projected plants of this kind was opened in Italy this year. Is this the way forward for concentrated solar power? Go to the article.

All Eyes on Masdar

Masdar is a key force behind the global renewables revolution and involved in the development of the world’s first carbon-free city. Ozge Ibrahim investigates the strategy behind one of the most ambitious energy players. Go to the article.

Solar Flowers in the California Desert

When completed, the 400mw Ivanpah solar power complex will almost double the amount of commercial solar thermal electricity produced in the US today. Go to the article.

Industry Projects

In our industry projects section we take a close look at major solar power plants and new projects under construction worldwide.

Andasol Solar Power Station – The three-plant solar complex in Andalusia, Spain, is Europe’s first parabolic trough solar power station, capable of generating a total net electricity output of 450GWh per year. Go to the article.

Hualapai Valley Solar – The world’s largest solar power station, a 500MW CSP plant, is under construction in the Arizona desert south of Las Vegas, US. Go to the article.

Holaniku at Keahole Point – We look at micro-scaled concentrated solar power technology and its implementation in the world’s first micro-CSP plant in Hawaii’s Kona desert. Go to the article.

Next month’s edition

Solar and wind power continue to capture global attention as efficient ways to harness energy from natural sources, but the strength of hydropower cannot be overlooked. In next month’s edition we weigh up the environmental impact of hydropower with its benefits, compared to conventional power generation and other renewable alternatives.

We also look at the top ten BRIC hydro giants and investigate the increasing influence of small-scale hydro projects, as well as the potential of tidal power on the shores of the UK.

The world’s largest hydropower complex, the Three Gorges Dam in China, has been one of the biggest engineering projects of recent times. We take an in-depth look at its construction, as well as other major hydropower industry projects and new technologies being implemented.

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