Future Power Technology Magazine – Issue 49 | April 2014

While the vulnerability of energy infrastructure to cyber attacks has been the subject of much discussion, a recent attack on substations in the US has highlighted the issue of physical security. In this issue we speak to the experts to find out how urgent the threat of physical attacks on the gird is and what can be done to better protect substations and power lines.

We also take a look at new research into energy storage, find out how a £8m research project in the UK is tackling the issue of handling and disposing of nuclear waste and explore the potential of a drone designed for monitoring in nuclear plant and contaminated areas. Moreover, we find out how a recent UK trade mission has opened up doors for the demand response sector in China and speak to the developers of Kusile power plant in South Africa about how 3D simulation software was used to speed up the construction process.

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In this issue

Plant Power
Could a new metal free battery based on organic molecules transform the way electricity is stored on the grid?
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Connecting with China
London-based Kiwi Power joined the Prime Minister on a trade mission to China last year. Adam Leach finds out which doors it opened for the business and the demand response sector
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Assessing the Treat
A suspected terrorist attack on a Californian substation has highlighted the vulnerability of the US’s energy infrastructure. Heidi Vella investigates how urgent the threat is.
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Distinctive Measures
A new £8m research project will see a group of ten universities looking for solutions to handling and disposing of the UK’s nuclear waste.
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The Danger Zone Drone
Researchers have developed a drone with Thunderbirds-style adaptability for radiation monitoring in nuclear plants. Adam Leach explores the potential of this innovative device
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Fast-Tracking Kusile
To help address South Africa’s severe power shortages Eskom fast-tracked the construction of Kusile power plant using cutting-edge 3D plant simulation software.
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Back to Basics
With the Big Six energy companies under fire for poor customer service, Heidi Vella finds out how utilities can keep customers happy at a low cost.
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Next issue preview

As solar technology moves forward, we look at research into lighter, transparent and printable solar photovoltaics and examine the global market for solar trackers. We also explore new findings on the effects of wind farm development on the climate and examine the details of the UK Government’s £4bn commitment to energy storage.

Moreover, we take a look at Areva and Schneider Electric’s partnership to develop energy storage based on hydrogen fuel cell technology and review a recent milestone in nuclear fusion that saw scientists generating more energy from a fusion reaction than they transferred to the nuclear fuel.

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