Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 52

1 July 2014 (Last Updated July 1st, 2014 22:00)

In this issue: The challenges of a decentralised grid in Europe, South Korea’s energy strategy, the latest in Iceland’s magma-based geothermal power project, a video tour of the MAST fusion experiment and more

Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 52

Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 52 | July 2014

The Iceland Deep Drilling Project conducts groundbreaking research into exploiting the heat found thousands of metres underground in volcanic bedrock. In January the researchers created the world's first magma-based geothermal energy system. We find out how the project has progressed since then.

We also visit the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy to get a video tour of the MAST experiment and find out how close we are to achieving fusion energy, and take a look at the growing market for nuclear decommissioning in Europe. Moreover, we hear from GlobalData on the challenges of decentralising power generation and distribution in Europe, take a look at South Korea's future energy strategy and weigh up the risks and rewards of real-time energy pricing.

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In this issue

A Time of Transformation
Europe is heading for a shift from centralised energy generation and distribution towards an increasingly decentralised system relying on renewable energy sources. GlobalData finds out what this trend means for the European market.
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Spotlight on South Korea
With sparse natural energy resources and a rapidly growing population, South Korea faces an ongoing challenge in managing its energy supply. Heidi Vella finds out how the country's energy ministry plans to diversify supply to ensure long-term energy security.
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A Series of Fortunate Events
In January, Iceland's National Energy Authority announced it had created the world's first volcano-based geothermal energy system after drilling 1.3 miles through the earth's crust and hitting magma. Adam Leach gets an update
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Natural Gas Giants
Japan hosts three of the world's biggest natural gas-fired power plants while Russia boasts the biggest of them all. We profile the top five in gas.
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Finding Fusion
The UK's fusion experiment MAST is undergoing a £30m upgrade. Matt Burgess takes a tour of the project and speaks to the head of Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, Professor Steven Cowley, about the future of fusion energy.
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Challenges of a Growing Market
With more than a third of the 144 reactors currently operating in Europe set to be shut down by 2025, the industry is expecting a huge uplift in decommissioning projects. Jörg Gmeinbauer of AMEC explores the future of this upcoming sector.
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Risk vs Reward
Real-time pricing and other schemes using smart grid technology represent a complex new frontier that brings risks as well as rewards. But with mainstream awareness of these new options lacking, Chris Lo asks, will customers ever buy into these concepts?
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Power to the People
Launched in 2011, crowd-funding platform Abundance Generation has raised millions for community energy projects in the UK. Ross Davies finds out whether the platform has the potential to break the monopoly of the 'big six' energy providers.
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Next issue preview

GE's £10bn takeover of Alstom is currently ending shockwaves through the industry. We explore the strategic reasoning behind the deal and the future of both companies and find out why GE's rival Siemens was left out in the cold.

We also take a look at the Kingston Heights project in the UK to find out why open water heat pump technology is being championed as a game-changer, explore a new wind turbine concept which floats at 1,000 feet in the air, and explore the findings of a new UN study on the potential of microgrids in addressing energy issues in rural communities.

Moreover, we hear from the MIT about its new vision for a floating nuclear power station inspired by oil and gas platforms and find out how innovative coal projects in North America are tackling emissions.

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