Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 54

Scotland is the British powerhouse of renewables, contributing 36% of the total amount of renewable energy generated in the UK – but the outcome of this month’s vote on independence could have huge ramifications for the renewable sector. We ask how Scottish independence would affect energy markets in Great Britain and future investments in renewable projects.

We also take a look at the solar technology that will power a plane on its flight around the world, find out how clean power technology is empowering women in developing countries and investigate China’s push into the market for high-temperature reactors. Moreover, we trace the history of clean coal technology on an interactive timeline and find out how Google Glass and similar technologies are paving the way for mobile maintenance in future power plants.

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Independence Day?
As the vote for Scottish independence looms, Adam Leach asks how the country’s potential exit from the union would affect the UK’s renewable energy sector.
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Sky-High Ambition
A plane powered entirely by the sun is to embark on a 35,000km journey around the world in 2015. Heidi Vella learns more about the project that, if successful, will see the boundaries of solar power stretched to an unprecedented level.
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Invest to Empower
Empowerment through clean energy has been put firmly on the agenda of organisations working in developing nations. Heidi Vella asks how clean technology is changing women’s lives and how it can be scaled up to game-changing levels.
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The Fourth Generation
As China explores high-temperature reactors in a bid to increase nuclear power capacity and boost reactor exports. GlobalData takes a look at the technology’s potential.
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The Story of Clean Coal
SaskPower is on track to complete the first retrofit of carbon capture and storage technology to a coal-fired power plant. Charting key historical events, Adam Leach explores how the industry reached this milestone.
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Future Vision
Processes and infrastructure around monitoring and maintaining assets appear behind the times. Adam Leach finds out why Ventyx thinks Google Glass and an influx of tech savvy workers will usher in a new era of mobile maintenance.
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Next issue preview

While nuclear power is on the rise in the UK with three massive reactors to be built Cumbria, the French Government plans to place a cap on nuclear power. We analyse the two countries’ nuclear strategies and how they will affect the future energy mix.

We also examine the tidal potential of Florida, where a feasibility study into ocean current power is currently underway, and look at the world’s most controversial large-scale hydropower projects.

Moreover, we investigate China’s big push for synthetic natural gas, the potential of gallium nitride for the semiconductor market and recent electricity market reforms in the UK.

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