Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 55

6 October 2014 (Last Updated October 6th, 2014 05:44)

In this issue: the energy potential of deep ocean currents, unanswered questions surrounding the Moorside nuclear project, France’s nuclear power cap, cleaning up the air in China, the UK’s plan to balance supply and demand with market reforms and more.

Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 55

Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 55

Compared to wind and solar, tidal energy is still very much in its infancy - but thanks to investment and new technologies this abundant power source is gaining ground. We take a look at a test installation off the coast of Florida which is investigating the potential of deep ocean currents for power generation.

As the UK gets ready to build Europe's largest nuclear power plant, we investigate unanswered questions that remain about the Moorside project. We also find out how France's new cap on nuclear power will affect the country's energy mix and the global nuclear sector.

Moreover, we investigate whether China's new push for synthetic natural gas can help clean up power generation in the country, explore the potential of gallium nitride for semiconductor applications, and ask whether the UK's energy market reforms can help balance supply and demand.

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In this issue

Deep Exploration
A largely unexplored renewable source, marine and hydrokinetic energy is finally gaining traction. Laura Walkinshaw explores the feasibility of deep ocean current power off the coast of Florida.
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Dangerous Dams
Large hydropower dams often cause controversy due to their widespread impact on local communities and ecosystems. We profile five of the world's most controversial dam projects.
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Moorside's Question Marks
Plans to build Europe's largest nuclear power plant have been cemented but big decisions are yet to be made. Rod James looks into questions surrounding the plant design and the future of the UK's nuclear power industry.
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Europe's Way Forward
With concerns over energy security and greenhouse gas emissions high on the European Union's agenda, a new WNA report argues that nuclear power needs to play a central role in the EU's future electricity mix. Stephen Tarlton tells us more
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Au Revoir Nuclear?
The French Government recently announced plans to place a cap on nuclear power. Adam Leach learns how France expects to lower its dependence, with nuclear meeting 75% of its energy needs, and how this will affect the nuclear sector globally.
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Cleaning China
After china's air pollution levels were found to be literally off the chart, the government responded with another ambitious plan, this time for cleaner air. Adam Leach asks whether the new goals will result in better air quality for urban citizens or yet more environmental damage.
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Lighting the Future
Heralded as the most important semiconductor since silicon, gallium nitride holds potential for many important applications, such as LEDs. Ross Davies looks into claims that it could be the key material for the next generation of high-frequency, high-power transistors.
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Balancing Act
The UK is reforming its energy market to prepare for the next decade and beyond. Chris Lo asks whether short-term balancing reserves and the establishment of a capacity market will be able to balance energy supply and demand.
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Next issue preview

UK Government has indicated that it is looking to house nuclear waste in underground rock formations. We take a look at the French test site for such storage to find out what lessons have been learned. We also take a look at new government regulation requiring UK biomass power generators to prove they are using sustainably sourced supplies and how it will affect the market.

Moreover, we investigate fallout from the Energetic Bear cyber attacks by on energy firms earlier this year and find out how the US 'coal states' are fighting back against President Obama's new federal regulations on carbon emissions from coal-fired plants.

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