Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 60

5 March 2015 (Last Updated March 5th, 2015 07:59)

In this issue: Innovative energy ideas bringing electricity to communities off the grid, the future of the US nuclear industry in an era of cheap gas, progress in wireless charging, insights into the mind of the energy user and more.

Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 60

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Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 60 | March 2015

Bringing much-needed electricity access to developing nations is one of the UN’s priority goals, but how will it affect climate change? We speak to the author of a new study, which was based on 30 years of data detailing grid access and carbon emissions in India, to find out why increasing household access to electricity will only have a negligible impact on the climate.

Staying with innovative ideas for energy-poor regions, we also take a look at a range of portable solar power generators that are making a difference in remote areas with no grid access, and find out how the Gates Foundation-funded Omni Processor plant is turning sewage into electricity while also producing drinking water so clean even Bill Gates will try it.

We also investigate the long-term prospects of the US nuclear industry in an era of cheap natural gas and subsidised renewables, look at the latest in wireless charging technology and get inside
the mind of the energy user to find out how advances in smart energy technology are affecting user behaviour.

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In this issue

Thinking Outside the Grid
Portable and plug-and-play solar has been touted as an ideal way of providing power to those without access to electricity. As clean tech start-ups grow in number, Heidi Vella-Starr finds out which are making the biggest impact.
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Useful Sewage
The Omni Processor plant takes human waste and converts it into drinking water and electricity, helping to meet two of the developing world’s biggest needs. Adam Leach learns more about the plant and its potential.
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Fully Charged
From coffee shops to cars, wireless charging technology has become a part of everyday life. Adam Leach looks at the technology to see whether the days of being tethered to a plug socket are numbered.
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Access for All
Expanding household electricity access in developing countries will not significantly increase carbon emissions, according to a study from the Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. Senior researcher and study author Dr Shonali Pachauri tells Heidi Vella-Starr why.
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America’s Nuclear Future
Facing tough electricity markets flooded with cheap natural gas and subsidised renewables, the US nuclear industry is struggling to survive. Experts say action must be taken now, but what needs to be done? Heidi Vella-Starr investigates.
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Mind and Energy
Alexa Spence has spent years looking at the psychological issues around recent advances in energy technology. Offering a look into the mind of the energy user, Spence lets Adam Leach in on her research into smart grids and energy behaviour.
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Next issue preview

The countdown for the UK general elections is on and the industry’s eyes are on the potential outcomes for the energy sector. At stake are greater incentives for renewable energy rollout, the future of the nuclear industry, fracking and the fate of the North Sea oil industry. We investigate where the cards are likely to fall.

We also look at a new wind power project in Lake Erie that aims to kick-start the US wind sector, find out how the Cool and Clean Mission is helping UK clean tech start-ups secure funding overseas and investigate the science behind an unexpected endorsement for nuclear power from biodiversity experts.

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