Future Power Technology: Operations & Maintenance Special Issue 2 | May 2014

The role of gas in the global energy mix is set to grow significantly, with current estimates suggesting that it will take a 65% share of new added power capacity in the US up to 2035, and this development is driving demand for efficient and flexible turbines. We take a look at the latest generation of gas turbines that can operate at high efficiency even when not at full capacity and are compatible with a range of fuels.

Plant operators are increasingly turning to technologies that allow plants to be controlled and maintained remotely and such systems are proving particularly useful for renewable power sites, which are often unmanned. We explore the benefits of a centralised control room and ask how far the technology can go. We also take a look at new turbine designs that could help make tidal power generation viable on a large scale and find out how real-time thermodynamic modelling is helping operator manage fuel.

Moreover, we investigate the factors behind the increasing cost of decommissioning the UK’s Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility and ask why power plant MRO markets are booming in Nigeria, Zambia and South Africa.

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In this issue

Cutting Costs
As the industry works towards a levelised cost of energy at £0.18/kWh, Dr Gareth Evans investigates how recent developments in tidal turbine design and technology could help make this goal a reality.
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Remote Control
Remote control and maintenance technology is proving particularly useful for renewable installations, which are often unmanned. Adam Leach asks how far automation can go.
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Securing Sellafield
As the bill for cleaning up the UK’s Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility continues to rise, Julian Turner analyses the complex decommissioning processes involved in the mammoth project.
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Maximum Efficiency
Real-time thermodynamic modelling enables operators to accurately measure performance and predict maintenance demands. Heidi Vella finds out more about the potential of the technology.
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Power Surge
As the role of gas-fired power generation grows, Adam Leach explores how manufacturers are maximising the efficiency of gas turbines.
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Maintaining Growth
Nigeria, Zambia and South Africa have become hot spots for power station maintenance, repair and overhaul, according to a Frost &Sullivan report. Heidi Vella finds out why.
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Next Issue

The age-old challenge of finding a balance between affordable, clean and reliable electricity has become ever more acute for the European power sector. We investigate the cots and strategic implications of the industry’s transition to a low carbon future.

We also take a look at Germany’s power market and India’s lofty solar ambitions and explore innovative alternative energy ideas such as ‘wired microbes’ creating power from sewage and new energy harvesting textiles. Moreover, we check in on the progress new small modular reactor designs and hear from GlobalData about the leading markets for carbon capture and storage technology.

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